10 Life Hacks Using Pantyhose

Who would have thought that pantyhose would end up being such a versatile product? Sure they give your legs some colour and flare, but did you also realize that you can repurpose a pair of pantyhose into many other household and lifestyle uses?

I recently posted 12 Tips For Using Pantyhose In The Garden, however, not everyone gardens; so I have 10 lifestyle hacks using pantyhose that most people can utilize.

The best part is you don’t require brand new pantyhose for these hacks, you can simply save your old pantyhose that may have a run up one leg or a hole in the toe for these projects! To keep pantyhose in one place, use an empty tissue box and feed clean used pantyhose through the opening. Store the tissue box filled with pantyhose in your cleaning cupboard, linen closet, garden shed or wherever it makes sense to you.

10 Lifestyle Hacks Using Pantyhose

Got a run in your ‘hose? Don’t toss them out anymore! Keep your used pantyhose for a variety of life hacks and repurposing into other uses, including:

  1. DIY Lumbar Support Roll for the car

    • Supports the small of your back while sitting
    • Fold a medium bath towel lengthwise and roll it up
    • Cut one leg from a pair of pantyhose
    • Slip the rolled up towel inside the pantyhose leg
    • Tie the open end(s) and it’s complete
    • Slip the lumbar support roll into the small of your back when in the car
  2. Simple Produce Storage

    • Great for storing apples, onions and garlic
    • Cut a leg from pantyhose including the foot
    • Put one piece of produce inside
    • Tie a knot above the produce
    • Repeat with a piece of produce and then tying a knot until the leg is full
    • Hang your produce storage in your pantry
  3. DIY Kitty Catnip Toys

    • Pantyhose are a great material to construct catnip toys
    • Cut a piece of the leg or the foot of a pair of pantyhose
    • Fill the toe or tied end with catnip and tie other end
    • Most kitty’s love tossing around catnip bags
    • If you want to play catnip tug of war, cut a longer piece from the leg and tie several knots at each end of the makeshift catnip pouch
  4. Pantyhose Shape Retainers

    • Pantyhose are a great medium to retain the shape of hats
    • Stuff old pantyhose into hats before storing
    • Hats will keep their proper shape
  5. Pot Pourri Sachets For Closets and Dressers

    • Create a DIY scent sachet to freshen clothes and linens
    • Create personalized scents including natural moth deterrents
    • Cut a piece of a pantyhose leg, tie one end creating a bag
    • Fill the bag with your pot pourri creation
    • Try dried bay leaves, dried orange peels, dried lavender, cloves and whole peppercorns to naturally repel moths without harsh chemicals
  6. DIY Vacuum Trap

    • Pantyhose makes a great vacuum trap to catch small items
    • Don’t vacuum up small dropped items like earrings
    • Cut a piece of pantyhose and place it over the vacuum hose nozzle
    • Secure the pantyhose with a rubber band
    • Vacuum as normal, dust and dirt will get sucked up through the pantyhose
    • Objects will get trapped by the pantyhose instead of getting sucked into the vacuum canister
  7. DIY Household Cleaning Sponges

    • Pantyhose scrunched in a ball works as a cleaning sponge
    • Plus it offers a gentle abrasive scrub
    • Cut one entire leg from a pair of pantyhose
    • Feed the pantyhose leg into the foot bunching it up inside
    • When it’s all inside, tie a knot or double knot to use as a handle
    • Use it to wipe down countertops, dishes, coffee tables, bathroom sinks, etc
    • Also doubles as a great duster tool, try it on ceiling fans, shelves, etc
  8. DIY Makeshift Pet Leash

    • When you are on a road trip and forget your pet’s leash; there’s no pet store around but you can find a convenience store, grocery store or pharmacy which carries pantyhose (yes this happened to me, I accidentally left the leash tied to the picnic area in the park and carried on with my trip; this hack saved my butt for our next rest stop)
    • Cut one full leg off a pair of pantyhose
    • Tie one end to the loop of your pet’s collar and use a double knot
    • Create a handle on the other end for holding the makeshift leash
    • If you need less stretch then tie a series of spaced out knots between the pet collar and the handle of the leash
  9. Avoid Clothespin Marks on Sweaters and Tops

    • Line drying clothing doesn’t have to lead to clothespin clip marks being left on shoulder area
    • Pantyhose are great DIY clothes lines
    • Simply thread pantyhose through one arm, the neck and then the other arm
    • Clip the pantyhose to the clothesline instead of clothing
    • Now you’ll enjoy no clothespin clip marks on clothes
  10. Replacement for Cheese Cloth

    • So you want to strain food in the kitchen but ran out of cheese cloth
    • Pantyhose allows liquids to pass through the tiny openings in the fibres
    • While solid matter will get trapped by the pantyhose
    • Once you’re done, it can be washed and used again

My favourite pantyhose hacks are utilizing pantyhose in the garden, especially as a plant tie because it has give so it won’t damage plant stems as they grow. The melon supports comes in a close second!

Which pantyhose hack is your favourite? Do you have any other tips to add to the list?

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3 thoughts on “10 Life Hacks Using Pantyhose

  • August 13, 2017 at 3:09 pm

    My two favourite uses for used pantyhose are as plant ties and for finding small objects such as earrings (I attach pantyhose over the opening of the vacuum, vacuum the area where I think the item might be, and the pantyhose keep it from being sucked into the machine).

  • August 18, 2017 at 12:39 am

    who knew there were so many uses for pantyhose, thanks

  • August 20, 2017 at 6:51 pm

    I use old pantyhose for tying up tomato plants.


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