10 Reasons For Saving Seeds In The Edible Garden

I love the time that I get to spend in my edible gardens; whether I’m planting, watering, saving seeds or just admiring the growth of the plants.

Over the years that I’ve been gardening I haven’t always saved my seeds. However, my mindset and gardening knowledge has grown and evolved since I started my first edible garden. Seed saving is just another happy gardening task that I do during the growing season. Let me tell you why!

I’m sharing my 10 reasons for saving seeds from the edible garden:

  1. Saving and growing your seeds makes you more self-sufficient. You don’t have to rely on others to grow all of your food.
  2. Saving seeds for the sense of accomplishment of growing your own food year after year (this is one of my top reasons).
  3. Saving your seeds also saves you a little bit of money. As seed packs can range in price by seed type, your savings will largely depend on the type and number of seed packs you normally purchase. I’ve paid as low as $0.69 per package and as much as $7.99 per package of seeds. In the past I’ve spent as much as $100 on seeds and starter plants for a single growing season, but I’ve eliminated that garden expense just by saving seeds.
  4. The seeds from your garden are acclimated to the growing conditions in your region, so they stand a better chance at survival when you grow them. Plus they are more resistant to pests and disease.
  5. Seed heads usually come in large numbers, so extra seeds can be shared or swapped with other gardeners to expand your garden. Another idea for sharing seeds, is gifting them with a pair of garden gloves or garden tools. This is great idea for spring hostess gifts.
  6. Saving your own seeds ensures there is supply when you want to grow a specific variety. All too often you may buy a delicious vegetable variety and not save your seeds, just to look for it the next growing season and it’s not available. Saving your seeds can eliminate this problem.
  7. Saved seeds are great for creating your own bird feed.
  8. You can satisfy the scientist inside of you and create your own vegetable varieties using saved seeds.
  9. Saved seeds can be used in works of art! Many children’s craft projects use seeds and glue as the medium.
  10. Saving seeds is a learning experience and it can be fun.

If you would like even more reasons to save your seeds, check our the Seed Savers Exchange.

saving seeds from the garden

Not all seeds are alike, or worth keeping! Make sure you follow these simple tips to collecting the best seeds from your gardens:

  1. Seeds from hybrid plants may not produce offspring that it true to it’s parents’ variety. Or they may be sterile and not grow at all. Avoid saving seeds from hybrid plants.
  2. Collect seeds from healthy plants, as diseased plants can also affect the seeds. Growing those seeds the following season may result in a new crop of diseased plants.
  3. Always harvest mature seeds and collect the seeds when most are ripe.

Check out this Seed Saving Handbook for tips and instruction on saving garden seeds.

COMMENT: Do you save your seeds from the garden? What motivates you to keep seeds?

2 thoughts on “10 Reasons For Saving Seeds In The Edible Garden

  • May 22, 2017 at 10:33 am

    I enjoyed this going to start a garden this year and now that I know about the seeds, thanks

  • December 3, 2017 at 9:45 pm

    We’ve been gardening for over 20 years and my husband tries to save as many seeds as he can because you’re right it’s very expensive to buy them every year


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