10 Ways To Use Coffee Filters Other Than Brewing A Pot Of Coffee

If you’ve ever brewed a pot of coffee, then chances are you’ve used a paper coffee filter. Did you know that you can use coffee filters in ways they weren’t conventionally intended to be used?

Over the years, I’ve picked up tips and hacks from here and there. I was surprised that there’s so many uses for paper coffee filters when I started writing this blog post.

Here are 10 ways to use coffee filters other than brewing a pot of coffee:

 1. Popsicle and ice cream cone catcher

Save your kids hands from being covered with popsicle and ice cream drippings. Simply make a hole in the centre of a paper coffee filter and feed the popsicle stick or cone through so the filter cups upwards towards the treat. The coffee filter will catch the drips so hands don’t get all sticky.

2. Replacement paper towel when you’ve run out

I’m pretty sure that we’ve all run out of paper towels at the most inconvenient time. Try using paper coffee filters as replacement paper towels if you run out. Coffee filters are great for blotting the grease from bacon and french fries. They can also be used as a splatter shield in a microwave. Coffee filters will also provide a streak-free, lint-free shine when washing windows.

3. Protect your fine china or non-stick cookware

Stacking fine china can cause damage like scratching. Coffee filters are the ideal way to protect your dishes. Simply place a paper coffee filter between dishes before stacking them. I also use coffee filters between my non-stick pans, so I can stack them in my cookware cupboard.

4. Taco holder/catcher

Taco night is so much fun, but it can be quite a messy meal too; especially when you’re having hard taco shells. Coffee filters are the perfect size to wrap around the taco to hold it together and prevent your toppings from landing on your plate. This idea can be used for other similar foods as well. Try it with hotdogs and pita sandwiches too.

5. Snack time server

Coffee filters are great for serving individual snack portions like popcorn, chips, nuts, pretzels and granola mix. Simply toss them into your compost bun when you’re done and there’s no dishes to wash. And best of all they perform double duty by being your napkin too!

6. Flower pot helper

Don’t lose your potting soil out the bottom holes of your flower pot. Before planting your plants into pots, line the pots with coffee filters to prevent the soil from leaching out when watering.

7. Baking preparation helper

Many baking recipes call for spreading butter in the dish. Coffee filters are perfect for this job because they are lint-free and won’t leave any unwanted particles behind.

8. Keep your steamer clean

I use a bamboo vegetable steamer and don’t care for food particles left from cooking that can get lodged in the crevices where the bamboo ties together. To keep my bamboo steamer clean, I place a coffee filter inside before putting the food in it. The filter stays in tact during steaming, the food steams nicely and the bamboo steamer doesn’t get covered in food bits. Plus it makes the clean up of the bamboo steamer faster.

9. Deodorizer bags

Life brings us smells, some pleasant, others not so much! Did you know that coffee filter make the perfect little deodorizer bags? You can fill them with baking soda and toss into shoes, gym bags or other places where odours linger. Simply gather the sides of the filter around your contents and use an elastic or a ribbon to tie the top, creating a bag. You can also fill your deodorizer bags with potpourri and stash in dresser drawers for a fresh scent every time you open your dresser drawers.

10. Desilk a husk of corn

One of the corn farmers that we visit gave us a desilking trick for ears of corn. Remove the outer leaves from the ear of corn so you can see the silk strands. Dampen a paper coffee filter and wipe it from the top to the bottom of the ear of corn in one stroke. If you didn’t get them all, flip the coffee filter around and repeat again.

My favourite tip is using coffee filters as disposable snack bowls. Not only does it make clean up a breeze, it can also help to reduce the portion sizes you’re consuming. Who would have thought that a coffee filter could be so versatile!

Tell me: Have you ever used coffee filters for a use that is unconventional? Which tip above is your favourite?

3 thoughts on “10 Ways To Use Coffee Filters Other Than Brewing A Pot Of Coffee

  • August 19, 2017 at 12:28 am

    Thanks for the ideas, they are also great for craft projects

    • August 22, 2017 at 4:57 pm

      I forgot about that. I think I recall an angel craft with coffee filters. I can see they would also make great ghosts too. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • August 19, 2017 at 6:39 pm

    I will use them for my flower pots. What a great idea.


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