12 Tips For Using Pantyhose In The Garden

Wait! Did you get a run in your pantyhose? Don’t toss them out! In case you didn’t know, pantyhose can be repurposed inside the garden. Pantyhose is a very versatile tool and I have some practical tips for using pantyhose in gardening.

12 Tips For Using Pantyhose In The Garden

Tips for using pantyhose in the garden

  1. Pantyhose make great plant ties

    • Tie plant stems and vines to plant stakes using a figure eight pattern, leaving room for stem growth
    • Pantyhose will stretch with growth and won’t injure plants like some other tie options
  2. Pantyhose help make a watering can dispense water gently

    • Use a piece of a pantyhose (a foot works well) to cover the spout of your watering can
    • Water will pour softer through the pantyhose, which is great for delicate plants or tender seedlings
  3. Pantyhose are great for storing flower bulbs over the winter

    • Store flower bulbs in pantyhose and tie knots between bulbs to keep them from touching
    • Hang in a cool, dry, ventilated area until it’s time to replant
  4. Pantyhose is perfect for making animal deterrent packets

    • Create pantyhose bags to hold soap slivers and/or human hair which can be tied around the garden to help deter animals like deer and rabbits
    • Tie a knot on each end of the pantyhose to crate a bag
  5. Pantyhose can be used as a ripening produce protectant cover

    • Cut pantyhose and create caps for produce that is ripening to deter insects, squirrels and birds
  6. Pantyhose can help stop soil loss from container plants

    • Use pantyhose to cover the holes of plant pots
    • This will help prevent soil from coming out of the drainage holes
  7. Pantyhose make excellent ‘tea bags’ for compost tea

    • Create a pantyhose bag to hold compost and toss into a bucket water to make compost tea
    • Your compost tea won’t require to be strained, just remove the makeshift tea bag and you’re ready to use the nutritious solution on your plants
  8. Pantyhose are excellent for slinging up heavy produce

    • Use pantyhose to support heavy produce such as melons which are grown vertically or grown on a trellis
    • Create a sling under the produce and tie to your plant stakes or trellis
  9. Pantyhose are ideal for making a quick hand wash sachet

    • Make a soap sachet using the foot of a pantyhose filled with slivers of soap and tied at the top
    • Hang it near your outdoor faucet to clean up after gardening and avoid bringing dirt indoors
  10. Pantyhose are perfect for collecting and drying plant seeds

    • Cut the foot and part of the pantyhose leg to form a bag
    • Slip the pantyhose over your seeding flower heads and tie to the stem
    • Once seeds are collected, you can┬áhang your pantyhose seed bag to dry
  11. Pantyhose can be used to help the monarch butterfly population

    • Stretch pantyhose over the top of a tomato cage to create a monarch pupation station
    • Observe and document the lifecycle of Monarch butterflies
  12. Pantyhose are excellent for kids to make fun grass head planters

    • Use the foot of pantyhose to create a bag
    • Add grass seed to the pantyhose bag and fill with potting soil
    • Tie the bag and sit on a cup or a plant pot and water
    • Draw a face on the pantyhose and wait for the grass to grow like hair
    • Give your grass head planter regular hair cuts

I personally use an empty coffee can to hold used pantyhose and knee-highs, then store it in my garden shed. I suggest keeping a pair of scissors inside the can and you’ll never search for scissors when you need to cut a length of pantyhose for your gardening needs.

My favourite tip for using pantyhose in the garden is collecting flower seeds, rather than using paper sandwich bags like many other gardeners. Pantyhose will allow rain to pass through while still collecting fallen seeds securely in the sack.

So next time you’re finished with your pantyhose, launder them and then toss them into a container for when you need them in your garden.

Tell me below, have you ever used pantyhose in your garden? Share your tip for using pantyhose as a gardening tool.

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