20 Ways To Reuse Egg Cartons

Yes, I’m a recycler, a re-purposer and an upcycler too! The human race produces way too much waste on a daily basis, especially in the Western part of the world. So it’s wise to have some practical ideas to reduce the amount of waste that heads to our local landfills and recycling plants.

Today I am sharing 20 ways to reuse your egg cartons. Yes they can be recycled, but why, when they can be repurposed?

Egg cartons are versatile and can be used in the following ways:

  1. Start seedlings
  2. Donate them to a local chicken farmer or to an elementary school for crafts
  3. Organize hardware
  4. Great insulation for noise reduction
  5. Organize bulk barn items
  6. A food source for worm farms
  7. Organize hair accessories
  8. Paint mixing palette
  9. Organize craft supplies, like beads, findings, and other small items
  10. Use the lids as kitchen drawer dividers
  11. Make a preschooler sorting
  12. Make firestarters
  13. Feed your composter
  14. Use an egg carton to hold your small toy components like Barbie shoes and accessories
  15. Use as a disposable glue pot
  16. Organize Christmas ornaments
  17. Make a simple bird feeder using a flat egg carton (or open a regular 12 pack and but it in half, so you have the lid and the bottom, add yarn to hang it
  18. Great for crafts, check out the amazing animals you can create with Rudy Haas, Hans Blohm and David Suzuki
  19. Cut individual cups to create your own packing material
  20. Need a recipe book holder or iPad stand in the kitchen? Use an open egg carton as a stand

TIP: Make sure you start with clean egg cartons which haven’t had broken eggs inside.

And if upcycling or repurposing your egg cartoons is too much of a bother, please recycle and/or donate them instead. What do you do with your egg cartons?

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