5 Ways To Save Money On A Work Day

Do you find that your wallet is always lighter than you want it to be after the work week has ended? Bad spending habits during the work week can result in a tight cash flow.

I’m sharing 5 ways for you to save money on a work day that will keep some of your hard earned money where it belongs; in your wallet or bank account!

Alternate Means of Travel

Hang up your car keys and explore other methods of travel to and from work. Ride your bike to work and save on fuel for your vehicle and parking charges if they apply to you. Alternatively you could take public transit and use a monthly bus pass, or car pool/car sharing programs. If you leave within a reasonable distance of your workplace, forget all the travel arrangements and walk to work instead.

Brew Your Own

Skip the coffee shop and bring your own brew from home. Most coffee shops have home brew options if you are committed to a specific coffee shop brand. Plus you’ll save time not having to wait in line for your morning fix.

Brown Bag It

Put your wallet away at lunch and bring leftovers for lunch. Or if leftovers aren’t your thing, make a salad, sandwich or something else from home. Make your lunch in the evening so you aren’t rushed in the morning. If you’re forgetful, make sure you leave yourself a note to bring your lunch with you.

Hang Up On Excessive Data

Conserve your data plan on your smartphone by utilizing free wi-fi around your workplace. Or just put your phone down and give the data use a break during the work day.

Shop Second Hand

Don’t pay full price for your work clothes! There are other options rather than paying full price for your clothes, such as consignment shops, thrift shops, second hand stores, Varage Sale and other person to person selling apps, and swap parties with friends and family. Plus second hand shops like Value Village have sales and coupon offers too that will help you save even more. I like to buy timeless styles that I can mix and match and I try to avoid clothes which require dry cleaning.

What tricks do you have to save money on a work day? Please leave me a comment below.

One thought on “5 Ways To Save Money On A Work Day

  • December 3, 2017 at 9:58 pm

    I love your ideas and it’s an easy way to save especially bring your own lunch and brew your own coffee because they both are very expensive.


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