Angus Reid Forum Offering New Rewards And Faster Payouts!

Angus Reid Forum survey panel has listened to it’s panel members, which means we’re in for a change! But it’s a good change to watch for.

On Monday January 23rd, 2017 Angus Reid Forum will be offering new rewards and faster payouts (rewards will be emailed within 1 week)! More information is coming next week. In the meantime, there is no access to payouts of your current balance. However, Monday cashout requests will be back in business!

New rewards payout options include:

  • $50 PayPal
  • $50 Virtual VISA
  • $50 iTunes e-certificate
  • $50
  • $50 Starbucks e-certificate
  • $50 Best Buy e-certificate
  • $50 Indigo e-certificate
  • $50 Cineplex e-certificate
  • $50 Groupon e-certificate
  • $50 Way Spa e-certificate
  • $50 Earls Restaurant e-certificate
  • $50 The Gap e-certificate
  • $50 Bass Pro Shops e-certificate
  • $50 The Ultimate Dining Card e-certificate
  • $50 Hudson’s Bay e-certificate
  • $50 Boston Pizza e-certificate

The rewards will be migrated from dollars to points and at present there doesn’t appear to be a re-valuation of the points. Thank goodness. The minimum payout is 5000 points which is equivalent to $50 CAD.

I’ll update you with all the rewarding details as they come!

Not a member of the Angus Reid Forum yet? Join me at Angus Reid and get paid for your opinion.

I’ve earned almost $250 so far!  Update: I also won a $500 monthly prize for participating and answering surveys. I couldn’t believe my eyes when the email arrived! Every member has the chance to win one of several monthly prizes on top of the money you earn from completed surveys. Best of luck!

Disclosure: This post contains a referral link. 

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