Business Freebie: Expiring Visitor Pass Samples

Does your company have visitors on site? Visitor Pass Solutions offers a handy expiring visitor badge to easily identify the guests on site.

These badges expire overnight so they cannot be reused, which is ideal for maintaining site security.

Before making your final decision, you can order a free sample of the Expiring Visitor Badge. Choose the sign-in book badge or badges on rolls of labels for use with software.

Get a free sample of Expiring Visitor Badges here

This offer is limited to organizations within Canada and United States.

You can also save $5 off your purchase of $25 or more with coupon code CC20175. Call or shop online to redeem.

And for our friends in the US, you can get free shipping with coupon code CC2017FS.

There is no expiry date on these coupons, so you can save anytime of expiring visitor passes.

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