Declutter Time! 30 Things To Throw Out In The Next 30 Days

It’s always a good idea to prevent things from cluttering your life and your space. But what if it’s already too late? I say it’s declutter time! It may seem like a huge task to declutter your space and your life, but it really doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

My suggestion to keep decluttering simple, is to deal with one item on the list each day for 30 days. I personally like to get started as soon as the holidays begin to wind down, call it routine! You can develop your own plan for decluttering that works for your schedule.

30 Things to Throw Out In The Next 30 Days

Some of these items could be sold, donated, or upcycled rather than discarded into waste and ultimately into our landfills. I like to use cardboard boxes labelled garbage, donate, upcycle and sell to sort the stuff on the list.

  1. Toss out out Christmas lights that don’t work
  2. Remove expired coupons from your stash
  3. Delete emails from your junk folder
  4. Clean out your old web bookmarks
  5. Discard expired medications through your pharmacy, police station or hazardous waste facility in your municipality
  6. Get rid of old, worn out shoes
  7. Gather those ragged, stretched out t-shirts and repurpose them into rags
  8. Donate or recycle those cardboard boxes piling up
  9. Cancel digital services that you no longer use
  10. Clean out empty gift cards from your wallet
  11. Pass along books you’ve read to friends and family, or donate them to your library
  12. Receipts pile up, recycle the ones you don’t need (shred them first for privacy)
  13. Shopping bags can be gathered and donated to your local foodbank
  14. Empty food jars or storage containers can be repurposed, recycled or donated to schools for craft projects
  15. Check the expiry dates on your cosmetics and skin care products, discard those out of date
  16. Clean out old loyalty cards from your wallet and cancel the ones you no longer use
  17. Clean up your old paperwork and don’t forget to protect your privacy by shredding it first
  18. Go through your smartphone apps and delete the apps you don’t use
  19. Donate or sell DVD or Blu-ray movies you don’t watch anymore
  20. Discard those stretched out hair ties
  21. Unsubscribe and delete emails from stores you don’t shop at
  22. Discard those makeup sponges that are gunked up with product
  23. Donate novels that you have already read or do not enjoy
  24. Donate or recycle old cell phones and/or electronics
  25. Get rid one onesie socks that lost their match, they make great dusters for cleaning day
  26. Clean up and recycle those outdated magazines (some schools may be interested in select magazines for the pictures inside…think crafts)
  27. Tarnished jewellery can be tossed or upcycled into a craft project
  28. Toss those scratched, broken or worn out sunglasses
  29. Donate old prescription eyeglasses to clubs which send overseas
  30. Go through your pictures and delete blurry images, duplicate images, screenshots and clear up some of your hard drive space

Okay, so now you’ve managed 30 items that may have been cluttering your life. Celebrate your success, take some days off for yourself and then you can delve into my list of 30 more things to throw out in the next 30 days (coming soon).

Enjoy your simplified life!

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