Declutter Time: Another 30 Things To Toss In The Next 30 Days

Just a few days ago I posted about 30 things to throw out in 30 days, have you already begun? I like to get started as soon as Christmas is finished, so I get a head start on being organized in the new year. Plus there’s obviously less to manage when you simplify your life.

Not every item I’ve shared previously will apply to every person, so I’ve also compiled a list of another 30 things to toss out in the next 30 days. Call me nerdy, but I personally like the process of getting organized. However, keeping myself organized all year long is another story altogether!

Here’s Another 30 Things To Toss In 30 Days:

  1. Delete music from your library that you don’t listen to
  2. Remove old contacts that you no longer use
  3. Delete old text messages
  4. Use up product samples that are piling up (Do you have tons of samples? I challenge you to try a product a day until they are used up… many days will you be trying new products?)
  5. Use up small balances left on gift cards in your wallet, discard/recycle/upcycyle the empty gift cards
  6. Get rid of socks that have holes in the soles
  7. Upcycle jeans that don’t fit or have torn in the wrong places into new project ideas
  8. Go through your winter accessories and donate ones that you never wear to a thrift shop or any community program
  9. Clean out your linen closet and get rid of those worn out sheets (upcycle into craft project or rags for the garage)
  10. Switched to digital music, get rid of those old CD’s you don’t listen to anymore
  11. Discard or reuse scraps of Christmas wrapping paper for craft projects
  12. Single, unmatched earrings that never get worn can be upcycled (if it’s a stick earring, consider using it as a small lapel brooch)
  13. Bras don’t last forever, check the elasticity and toss the ones that have been stretched out of shape
  14. Lids, lids and more lids! If you are overrun with lids that have lost their container matches, then it’s time to recycle, upcycle or toss them out
  15. Repurpose unused makeup bags or give them to someone who will use them
  16. Discard or donate (depending on the condition) old school bags and gym bags that are just piling up and never get used
  17. Give away or donate purses that never see the light of day
  18. Toss those torn and tattered towels and facecloths taking up valuable closet space
  19. Tax paperwork purging should take place once a year so you only keep the required number of years on hand
  20. Donate or upcycle toys that are n longer played with or loved
  21. Toss out those food menus that you never refer to
  22. Sift out the product manuals for items you no longer use and recycle them
  23. Recycle those old wall and desk calendars, shred them first if there is private information recorded within the pages
  24. Catalogues, flyers and brochures can really pile up, recycle or donate to schools or daycares for crafts
  25. Donate or recycle old unused cell phone cases
  26. Clean out your office drawer and/or junk drawer and test out all the pens you find; then toss the ones that no longer work
  27. Discard, recycle or donate items that you have duplicates or triplicates of
  28. Have a dress up day for the kids to try on their clothes and donate, upcycle or recylcle the clothes they no longer wear, don’t fit or they no longer love
  29. Pets toys keep coming in the house, but do they leave? Go through your pets’ toy box and discard and toys that are frayed, torn or may pose a hazard and donate toys they no longer play with
  30. Prom dresses and cocktail dresses can be donated to programs which help youth get glammed up for their proms for less

Are there any items I missed that you would add to the list?

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One thought on “Declutter Time: Another 30 Things To Toss In The Next 30 Days

  • February 12, 2018 at 1:30 pm

    I’m always looking for encouragement to help me declutter. I like the challenge to use a product sample a day. Thanks!


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