DIY Spa Day At Home

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I don’t know about you, but everyone that I know could benefit from a little relaxation and some tender loving care every now and then. Being pampered, melting away stressors and fostering our well-being.

Taking a spa day can really help to rejuvenate both your body and mind. But what if you can’t afford to visit a traditional spa? Is there another way to be pampered, without breaking the bank?

Yes, absolutely! You can create your very own DIY spa day at home on a budget or you can splurge on luxurious extras if you choose. I use my Swagbucks rewards to treat myself to luxury extras!

Set the Mood

First you’ll want to create some ambiance. You could use scented candles, soft relaxing music, fresh flowers and/or an essential oils diffuser.

spa at home ambiance

Get Ready

Gather your spa items such as a plush robe, headband, bath towels, foot bath, spa pillow, moisturizing lotion, etc; and if you have the luxury of treating yourself, you could outfit your shower with a spa shower head or your bath with a portable jet maker.

spa day items

Hydrate Your Body

Make a detox water concoction in a fruit infuser water bottle to sip on and hydrate your body during your at home spa day. You could make a basic lemon water or spruce up the lemon water by adding berries, or berries and basil, or cucumber and mint. Try a different flavoured detox water each time you treat yourself to a spa day at home.

hydrate with fruit infused water

Pamper Away

I like to start with a facial. I put my headband on to hold back my hair from my face. I use hot steamy water to open my pores and deep cleanse my face with a gentle cleanser such as La Roche Posay Toleraine or Cetaphil. I slap on a sheet mask to moisturize and hydrate my skin. Sometimes I change it up by applying a dead sea mud mask because they are soothing and work well for my skin.

While I wait for the sheet mask or mud mask to do it’s wonders, I treat my hair with a deep hydrating hair mask. Coconut and vanilla are my favourite scents, they smell divine; so I use Garnier Whole Blends Coconut Water and Vanilla Hydrating Hair Mask.

I also take this time to soak my feet in a foot bath to enjoy the full spa-like benefits in my DIY spa at home. I personally use a Rubbermaid dish pan tub to soak my feet (because it doesn’t have to be fancy, or expensive). However, you could use a massaging, heated foot bath if you wanted to have a more authentic spa-like experience. Add a soothing foot soak product or create your own with tea tree oil and epsom salts.

About 5 minutes before removing the face mask, I stop soaking my feet and use a wet-dry electronic foot file to slough away the dead skin off my feet. It leaves my feet touchably smooth and baby soft.

Once I’m finished with my feet, I remove the sheet mask and massage the rest of the product into my skin. I follow that with a hair rinse to remove the hair mask product.

bath spa room

Take Advantage of Extra “Me-Time”

If I have more uninterrupted time I will enjoy a relaxing bath and I’ll turn on the jets (lucky for me). You can also enjoy a nice spa-like bath with a portable spa jet mat. It simply sits in the tub and makes bubbles to soothe sore muscles and creates a relaxing environment.

Before getting into my jetted bath, I exfoliate with a great sugar scrub. There’s many commercially made scrubs or you could create your own DIY concoction at home. Alternatively, you could dry brush your skin before your bath to stimulate lymph flow, improve circulation and exfoliate away your dead skin.

I like to relax in the tub for about 20 minutes, but this will depend on the time you have to treat yourself. Cut a couple of cucumber slices and lay them on your eyes while you soak in the tub to help de-puff your eye area. I grow so many cucumbers and I often use them in my beauty regimen. I’ve been intending to try this tip but haven’t as of yet!

After relaxing in the bath I pat my skin with a soft spa towel and then apply a moisturizing body lotion.

woman moisturizing her legs

Polished Endings

It’s great when you can have the whole package, so I like to finish up with a manicure and pedicure. Keep it simple by going natural or jazz it up by adding polish and maybe some nail art; whatever your style and whatever you have time to do for yourself.

getting a manicure

Having a spa day at home is an excellent way to relax and treat yourself without spending a fortune visiting actual spas. And it’s a great way to pamper yourself between real spa visits!

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