Everyone Can Make Easy Money Online!

You may have heard me talk about Swagbucks in the past. It’s my go-to search engine and entertainment website that pays me for the things I’m already doing online.

I’ve been a faithful member of Swagbucks since 2009, having fun and making easy money online! So how did I find Swagbucks? I stumbled upon one of my forum friends advertising a new way to make money in their forum signature. Seeing that I like all things frugal, saving money and making extra money for my household; it was just natural that I had to check it out.

I joined Swagbucks, jumping in with both feet! I didn’t waste any time changing my home page to Swagbucks, so I wouldn’t lose out on opportunities to potentially WIN rewards on my web searches. It’s eight years later; I am still engaged and earning extra moolah each month!

Okay, so you want to know if it can work for you or not! Yes, absolutely! But no reward comes without effort. No site will just give you money, you’ll have to engage yourself with the site and the rewards will come. I spend just a few minutes every day and I cash out at least $25 each month in either Amazon or PayPal rewards. Join me on Swagbucks and you could be earning some extra money too!

You might be asking yourself how much I’ve made? My lifetime earnings are 158,787 SB, which works out to roughly $1600 or an average of $200 every year that I’ve been a member. Having friends join through your personal link will help build your reward balances sooner, since Swagbucks pays you 10% of their earnings for life!

So, exactly how do you make these SB or Swagbucks rewards? They have quite a number of ways to earn SB, including:

  • Web Searches
  • Swag Codes
  • Playing games (up to 10 SB daily)
  • Completing Surveys
  • Answering Polls (1 SB daily)
  • Playing Swago
  • Swag Code Extravaganzas
  • Shopping online through the Swagbucks shops
  • Printing and redeeming Swagbucks coupons (1 SB per print)
  • Team Challenges
  • Visiting the Deal of the Day (1 SB)
  • Entering Sweepstakes
  • Completing various online tasks
  • Watching Videos
  • Finding limited edition Collector Bills in web searches
  • Referring friends (This is EPIC! You’ll make 10% of their earnings for life)
  • Daily bonus for completing the daily to do list (5 of 7 daily poll, daily search, daily watch, daily discover, attempt a gold survey, deal of the day, complete a gold survey)
  • Partici

The best part is if you join me during the month of May, you could earn a bonus between $3 and $5 in SB.

Bottom line, Swagbucks is an online rewards program that WORKS! Everyone can make easy money online!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are my own.

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