Fall DIY Chalk Paint Bottle Vase Project

It’s not often that I have the entire house to myself and the opportunity to do whatever I want, but it finally happened this past weekend. I have piles of DIY projects that I’ve been wanting to do but they take the back burner to more important daily tasks.

I saved several glass bottles with a 3D designs that I wanted to try with Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint. So I put on my painting clothes, laid down some upcycled kraft paper in my crafting area, took out my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Starter Kit and got down to business.

Annie Sloan DIY Chalk Paint Bottle

I absolutely love that Annie Sloan’s chalk paint practically eliminates the need to prep the surface area, and that it adheres to multiple surface types. In my humble opinion, it’s a great paint to make distressed mason jars and bottles like the one I’ve used for this DIY project.

Here’s the list of the supplies I used:

  • Kraft paper to put under painting project, you can also use newspaper or a dropcloth
  • Glass bottle
  • Chalk paint brush
  • Annie Sloan chalk paint (A colour)
  • Annie Sloan clear soft wax
  • Annie Sloan dark soft wax
  • Lint free cloth for buffing wax, you could use a t-shirt rag or cheesecloth
  • (Optional) Sandpaper for distressing

At the time of posting, I haven’t used sandpaper to distress the paint because I ran out of fine grit paper. So I will enjoy the bottle as it is right now. When it’s time for a change, I’ll use the sandpaper to create a more vintage look.

DIY Chalk Paint Bottle

Here are my DIY project steps:

  1. First I wanted to make sure I started with a clean, dry, label-free bottle, so I prepped it the night before.
  2. Next I decided the look I wanted to create: a simple vintage look, with an antiqued raised design.
  3. Choosing a colour for the DIY project, I used Annie Sloan’s Arles colour. It reminds me of Goldenrod but a shade or two lighter; and fall colours. I want to use this bottle vase in my kitchen as it’s a nice contrast to my deep coloured kitchen cabinets, which are burgundy.
  4. I put on my painting clothes and laid down upcycled kraft paper on my project table.
  5. I used the dipped chalk paint brush to apply a medium thick coat of paint moving the brush in all directions. I found the allover look to be a tad sloppy on glass; so I re-dipped the tip of the brush and made long strokes down from the shoulder of the bottle to the base. Then I repainted in straight strokes from the bottle neck to the shoulder of the bottle and finished the neck with one continuous horizontal stroke as I turned the bottle around using the bottle opening.
  6. I didn’t paint the bottom of the bottle, I decided to leave it clear. Which made the overall project time less because I didn’t have to wait for one area to dry, then paint the next area and let it dry too.
  7. Letting the paint dry before the waxing stage is the longest part of this DIY project.
  8. Once the paint was dry, I applied the clear wax to the entire painted surface. Then buffed the bottle while the wax was still soft.
  9. I wanted the raised wheat sprig design on the bottle to stand out and be seen at a glance, so I decided on creating an antique look using dark soft wax. I applied the dark wax to the raised wheat design, the bottle neck and the edges of the bottle.
  10. I used my buffing cloth with the clear soft wax to buff and remove any excess dark wax.

If I had fine or medium grit sandpaper, I would probably remove a bit of the paint to create a more vintage finish. This step can always be done at a later time too. I washed my brushes with hot soapy water and let them dry for the next painting project.

DIY Upcycled Bottle Chalk Paint Project

That’s it, the DIY chalk paint bottle vase is complete and ready to hold flowers, pussy willows, springs of fresh herbs or nothing. This DIY project took me under 15 minutes to complete, including clean up but not the drying time.

It’s a super simple and inexpensive way to upcycle a bottle into an entirely new look! Perfection is not required and in fact it’s not recommended by Annie Sloan. Anyone can do this DIY chalk paint bottle vase project, even if you don’t consider yourself a crafty person.

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One thought on “Fall DIY Chalk Paint Bottle Vase Project

  • September 27, 2017 at 4:30 pm

    This is such a unique idea and I do have some old interesting bottles.


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