Food Banks Canada ~ Double Your Impact With A Holiday Donation!

Food Banks Canada and Egg Farmers of Canada have teamed up this holiday season to raise much needed money for the food banks in Canada.

When you make a donation to Food Banks Canada this holiday season, Egg Farmers of Canada will match the donation*, so you can double your impact!

*Donations will be matched, up to a maximum of $30,000, through December 31, 2017 or until maximum is reached.

Make a donation to Food Banks Canada today

There is no greater time of need for food banks in Canada than through the holidays. If you cannot afford to make a monetary donation this year, please consider making a non-perishable food donation to your local food bank instead. Donation boxes can be found in many retail locations, especially grocery stores.

Thank you!

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One thought on “Food Banks Canada ~ Double Your Impact With A Holiday Donation!

  • August 16, 2017 at 10:25 pm

    I donate to food banks when I get a chance because I feel it’s important to help the people who need it. It would be great if big companies helped more than just around the holidays because it’s really needed.


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