Forget Paper Coupons ~ Redeem Brandsaver Rebate Offers Digitally

It’s amazing how technology has allowed the coupon world to evolve. You can now forget about traditional paper coupons, at least when it comes to Brandsaver products.

Flipp has introduced an app feature which allows you to redeem Brandsaver rebate offers digitally. It’s simple to save without having to clip or print coupons, bring coupons to the store and present them to the cashier.

Here’s how to save with digital rebate offers through Flipp:

  1. Clip the rebate offer(s) you wish to redeem
  2. Select the store where you will be purchasing the item(s)
  3. Shop for the product at the selected store
  4. Redeem your rebate(s) by going to the coupon tab in the Flipp app, select the rebate deal and then click verify purchases.
  5. Scan each item’s barcode and take a picture of your receipt.
  6. Check offer(s) status is 3 days
  7. Claim your saving via PayPal

You can cash out any time, there’s no minimum amount required. The rebate offers CANNOT be combined with other coupon offers. They also have other brands offers including the Old El Paso BOGO FREE September Free Friday’s digital rebates.

Check the Flipp app to see the digital rebate offers available to you. Haven’t downloaded Flipp yet? Download the app: At the App Store or At Google Play

The digital rebate offers may be limited, however, you can still save on these and other Brandsaver products in the traditional ways; via Brandsaver printable coupons and via Brandsaver coupon inserts.

Are you using Flipp to redeem Brandsaver and other brand offer digitally?

Photo Credit: Flipp

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links.

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