This canister is FREE with UPCs totalling a minimum of 1,080 tea bag count (e.g. 7 boxes of 144s + 1 box of 72s) plus postage and handling (P&H) or $5.99 with 2 UPCs plus P&H.

Please note: This special offer is available for Canadian consumers only.

Please allow 810 weeks delivery for your collectible.

To order your limited-edition Tea Canister, read the following instructions:
When you click on the order form below, you will be taken to a printable page. Print it from your browser. After printing, fill in the form completely.

Mail the form along with the appropriate UPC count and your cheque or money order to:
Tetley Collectibles
P.O. Box 115, Dept. CAN04
Pickering, ON L1V 2R2

Please make your cheque or money order payable to Tetley Collectibles.

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