Free Jones Soda Stickers (SASE Required)

Jones Soda is offering fun FREE stickers! These kinds of nostalgic soda stickers would be great for an entertainment room or a man cave (woman cave, in my case) and for decorating school binders or lockers.

To get free Jones Soda stickers you can send a request via postal mail which includes a SASE (self-address stamped envelope) to:

Free Sticker Program
Jones Soda Co.
66 S. Hanford St. Suite 150
Seattle, Washington
United States, 98134

When sending a SASE to the US you will have to add a Canadian US rate postage stamp on the outer envelope and a United States Global rate postage stamp on the return envelope inside.

Where can you get legitimate US Global Postage Stamps? USPS has a marketplace through Amazon’s US site and they offer a small variety of US Global rate stamps that they’ll ship to Canada. If you’re like me and earn online rewards, you could redeem your points for gift cards and get the stamps for free. Get 10 Global rate US stamps here.

Where will you stick your free Jones Soda stickers?

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