Freebies To Collect Every Day!

I have a daily routine where I visit a selection of websites and apps to collect and earn freebies every day!

To help my readers benefit from the same goodies and freebies that I do, I decided to publish my ‘Daily To Do List’ of freebies to collect each and every day!

  1. Swagbucks is one of the first sites I visit each day. It’s my all-time favourite rewards site.
    • I collect my To Do List rewards (poll, search, watch, discover answer and daily deal) and earn valuable SB rewards towards my next gift card redemption
    • I perform searches throughout the day to increase my chances of winning
    • and I also answer a survey or two to earn even more rewards
    • Join me on Swagbucks (for new members only)
    • Sign into Swagbucks
  2. I visit the Facebook page for iRazoo and get the daily promo code.
    • Then I sign into my iRazoo account to gather my daily bonus
    • They’ve updated the requirement, to redeem the daily code you must earn points on the site
    • I enter the daily promo code for extra points.
    • I perform searches here too …. search has returned!
    • Join me on irazoo and use the referral code 55HNDY when new members register.
    • Sign into iRazoo
  3. I play the Guess My Card game at Gift Hulk and have 60 plays daily (# of plays varies by level)
    • I trade any Fountain of Youth codes I may have won with online friends to maximize my earnings
    • I check-in on the Surveys 2 page to earn an extra 5 Hulk Coins every 24 hours
    • And every Wednesday they offer a free Fountain of Youth code and I also offer some free codes too
    • I also scan the offers quickly to see if there are any good earning opportunities
    • And don’t forget to use the search tool for more reward points
    • Join me on Gift Hulk (for new members only)
    • Sign into Gift Hulk
  4. A friend referred me to Cashcrate a while back and I have successfully redeemed for $26 once. I’m currently working my way to my second redemption.
    • I sign into Cashcrate everyday and “check in” to receive my daily $0.03 reward
    • I also see if there are any quick free offers or surveys to complete to earn extra rewards
    • You can also earn cash via paid searches when you complete at least $1 in daily cash offers (I’ve personally never utilized this feature)
    • Join me on Cashcrate (for new members)
    • Sign into Cashcrate
  5. MyPoints is the website where BzzAgents can earn points through for completing some surveys and participating in BzzActivities. (BTW, you don’t have to be a BzzAgent to join. It’s free for everyone!)
    • MyPoints recently added a daily poll where you can earn 1 point towards your rewards balance
    • I also check the available surveys, especially during double points promos
    • When I am at the site, I also perform searches as you can also search and earn reward points
    • Join me on MyPoints (for new members)
    • Sign into MyPoints
  6. I wait for my Rewards Shopping (formerly Superpoints) email newsletter to arrive before visiting here.
    • There is a possibility to win points by clicking any link in the newsletter
    • Once I get to the site, I click the Superlucky Button and try to win some points until my daily clicks are gone
    • Then before I leave I click on the Get More Points button and compete the daily click for another point
    • Join me on Rewards Shopping )for new members)
    • Sign into Rewards Shopping
  7. Every day I click the daily giveaway link in the Royal Draw newsletter to visit the site.
    • This way I earn reward points on route to entering the daily contest (reward points can be redeemed for gift cards)
    • I’ve personally cashed my rewards twice for gift cards, using the points I’ve earned from entering their daily contests (Plus I’ve won gift cards on the site too)
    • I view all of the new printable coupons each and follow the links until I get to the actual coupon to earn even more reward points
    • On Mondays I vote in the draw picker to get extra points too
    • Join me on RoyalDraw (for new members)
    • Sign into Royal Draw
  8. Every day you can earn up to 10 Plum Points at Chapters Indigo.
    • Sign into your account, go to my offers and rate your recommendations, up to 10 points per day
    • Plum Points can be redeemed towards discounts off books and merchandise purchased at Indigo Books
    • Join or sign into Plum Rewards
  9. I haven’t really been visiting this site lately but it is on my daily to do list, so I figured I should include it too. Zoombucks is now GrabPoints.
    • Every day they have daily promo codes, videos and trivia to earn yourself GrabPoints, simply check your Notifications for offers
    • Join me on GrabPoints and use the referral code I7LDYJE when you register. (for new members)
    • Sign into Grab Points
  10. Chapman’s Kids Club has fun games to play where you can earn points to redeem towards Chapman’s merchandise.
    • It’s free to join and rewards are free too!
    • Sign in daily, play games, earn points and then redeem when you save up for the prize you want
    • Play at Chapman’s Kids Club
  11. And for the Habs fans out there, you can collect daily codes and redeem to earn Club 1909 points.

What is your favourite site to collect freebies from every day? Do you participate at other sites for daily freebies? 

Disclosure: This post contains referrals link. I may receive a small bonus for new users who sign up through my personal link. Thank you for supporting my blogging adventure!

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