Great Gift Ideas That Keep On Giving After Christmas

Christmas shopping is loved by some and loathed by others. Maybe you embrace the holidays and the shopping that comes along with it and maybe you just prefer giving gift cards.

If you’re somewhere in between and don’t mind some light holiday shopping but want gifts and presents which are more thoughtful than gift cards; then you’ve come to the right place for some great gift ideas that keep on giving after Christmas.

These gift ideas also work well for the people on your list who are hard to shop for. You could even use this list to help you with a gift exchange or Kris Kringle.

1 – A subscription box service generally offers a selection of themed based products. There are literally hundreds of subscription boxes to choose from that can be matched up to your gift recipient. Plus many subscription boxes offer coupon codes for first time buyers, so you can gift and save at the same time!

2 – An Entertainment coupon book is great for that person on your list who likes to get out an experience restaurants and other entertainment venues but also likes to save money along the way. These books offer a full calendar year of savings, so Christmas is practically the best time to gift them.

3 – A perennial house plant is an ideal gift for those on your list who like to garden or if they already keep house plants. Not everyone likes the responsibilities of plants, so know your recipient.

4 – A zoo membership offers the opportunity to learn about animals and wildlife that we don’t get to see everyday. It’s an educational experience that would make an excellent to gift for families.

5 – Get a magazine subscription for the person on your list who loves to read about a niche subject.

6 – Some people really don’t want gifts but our nature tells us otherwise, so make a donation in their name instead. You feel good about getting the gift and so will they, knowing it’s helping out someone in need.

7 – Another great gift for the person who likes to get out and experience life, is a museum membership. There are so many excellent museums in Canada to choose from, but obviously proximity to your gift recipient should be a huge factor to consider before committing to purchase.

8 – Making memories; consider giving a vacation or staycation gift, as memories can last a lifetime.

9 – Learning life skills are essential, but taking them to the next level would be fun with cooking classes. This would be the perfect gift for the budding home cook.

10 – If your gift recipient shops at Costco, they would appreciate receiving a Costco membership so it doesn’t cost them anything at renewal time.

11- For the person who uses a lot of battery-operated devices, a rechargeable battery charger and rechargeable batteries wuld make the perfect gift.

12 – Personalized photo memory books or other photo memorabilia for the person who is camera happy. Plus they make great gifts for parents and grandparents.

13 – Sponsor an International child for the person who has everything and likes to pay it forward.

14 – For the movie buff on your list, you could gift a Netflix Subscription, movie passes and/or concession stand gift cards.

15 – Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time, so why not offer your skills as a gift. For example you could offer pet walking, babysitting, housework or tutoring, to name a few suggestions.

16 – Reusable tote bags are good for year round use and help us reduce our footprint.

17 – Reusable water bottles are great for yoga enthusiasts, sports nuts and anyone. I love the S’well water bottles.

18 – Reusable on the go coffee tumbler is perfect for the coffee aficionado.

19 – Fruit and veggie saver containers like Rubbermaid Fresh Works are ideal for everyone who loves fresh produce.

20 – Give the foodie on your list a herb growing kit, so they can grow fresh herbs on their countertop.

21 – For the foodie who loves trying new foods and superfoods, buy them a BioSnacky sprouting kit.

22 – Foodsealer machine and supplies make great gifts for gardeners and foodies.

23 – ‘How To’ books are perfect for the gift recipient who loves learning new stuff.

24 – A cookbook is an ideal gift for budding cooks, young adults moving out on their own or anyone who loves cooking or baking.

25 – Give the gift of dance classes and help them learn a new form of art.

Have you gifted any of these ideas before? Do you have any ideas that you would like to add? 

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One thought on “Great Gift Ideas That Keep On Giving After Christmas

  • December 12, 2017 at 8:11 am

    These are some great ideas! I love the idea of giving a gift someone can enjoy beyond the holiday season.


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