Harlequin My Rewards: Free Program Rewards You For Buying Books With Free Books!

Are you an avid reader? Love a good Harlequin novel? If you buy Harlequin novels, this is definitely the program for you!

Harlequin My Rewards is a free program which rewards you for buying books and participating at their site and social media pages. You’ll earn valuable rewards points which you can turn into FREE books!

How do you earn Harlequin My Rewards points?

  • Join the program and earn 2000 points (one-time)
  • Complete your reader profile and earn 2000 points (one-time)
  • Follow on Twitter and earn 100 points (one-time)
  • Complete Challenges and Polls on the Harlequin website – earnings vary (one-time per challenge)
  • Submit receipts for purchases in-store and earn 100 points for every $1 of the book’s cover price (purchases are rounded to the nearest dollar) you can submit purchases from any store across US and Canada and any online site that sells brand new Harlequin books (unlimited times)
  • Earn points automatically for purchases made online at Harlequin (unlimited times)
  • Participate in weekly book challenge and earn 100 points (twice per week)
  • Participate in Facebook activities and earn 200 points (once per week)
  • Sign up for any Harlequin ebook subscription and earn 500 points (up to 5 subscriptions)
  • Leave a comment on a book online at Harlequin and earn 100 points (up to 10 times in 30 days)
  • Refer friends through your referral link and earn 500 points (up to 10 friends)

harlequin my rewards point offers

Who is eligible to join Harlequin My Rewards?

The Harlequin My Rewards program is open to

  • Members in the United States and Canada (excluding Quebec), except where prohibited or restricted by law
  • Must be at least 18 years of age or older
  • Must have a valid, active and personal email address or a third party account, e.g., a Facebook

free books with harlequin myrewards

What can Harlequin My Rewards Points be redeemed for?

There are several option for redeeming your points at Harlequin My Rewards, including:

  • Exclusive sweepstakes entries (entry amount varies by sweepstakes offer)
  • Free ebooks (2000 points)
  • Free print books (5000 points)
  • Coupon to save at Harlequin.com (500 points)

It’s easy to get rewarded with your first free book by joining, completing your profile and participating in the challenges.

I’m a Harlequin My Rewards member and still have friends referrals available. I would greatly appreciate if you would join through my special referral link and thank you very much for helping out this gal!

Or you can join Harlequin My Rewards through the non-referral link.

Have fun earning points and enjoy the free books you earn!

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