Have Fun And Make Money Online With GiftHulk

Gift Hulk is a fun “get paid” site that’s free to join and where you’ll earn Hulk Coins for playing games, completing tasks, downloading apps, answering surveys and more.

The points you earn can be redeemed for cash (via PayPal) or gift cards. While you can make some money with this site, it’s certainly not going to make you rich. It’s intended as a form of entertainment with the added benefit of making a little bit of extra money online.

How it Works:

  • Play the Guess The Card game daily for your chance to win Hulk Coins and Fountain of Youth Codes (the higher your user level, the more cards you’ll get daily)
  • Visit the Surveys 2 Page daily and collect 5 Hulk Coins by checking in
  • Watch 5 Gift Hulk TV to earn Hulk Coin rewards (viewing progress is saved if not enough videos)
  • Use the search function to earn 4 Hulk Coins on your first search every hour
  • Download apps and/or complete offers from the GiftHulk site to earn Hulk Coins
  • Complete short tasks like writing a blog post about GiftHulk to earn 1000 Hulk Coins, create a YouTube Video about GiftHulk to earn 1000 Hulk Coins or start an forum thread about GiftHulk to earn 250 Hulk Coins (these posts must be public and links submitted to be credited reward points)
  • Subscribe to the Gift Hulk newsletter and watch social media outlets for Fountain of Youth Codes (these are special time limited codes which earn you Hulk Coins)
  • Answer available surveys and get paid Hulk Coins, even if you are disqualified you still earn 20 Hulk Coins (up to 3 times a day)
  • Refer friends and you’ll earn 100 Hulk Coins when they join and up to 600 total Hulk Coins when they are active and earning
  • There are also sweepstakes to win gift cards and PayPal deposits, however, these opportunities will cost you Hulk Coins to be entered

Join GiftHulk here

The money I’ve made so far with GiftHulk is over $135, which I’ve redeemed mostly for PayPal and occasionally for Amazon Canada gift certificates. Like I said earlier, GiftHulk won’t make you rich but it will give you a little fun money and some entertainment too!

Have fun making money!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

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