Improve Winter Road Safety With Winter Tires ~ Best Canadian Deals

Living in Canada means winter is inevitable. Winter road conditions can be challenging with ice, snow, slush, freezing rain and cold temperatures, however, winter tires can help improve winter road and driving safety plus provide peace of mind.

Remember that winter tires are not a substitute for driving with caution in cold weather and during the winter months.

Why choose a winter tire over an all-season tire?

  • Winter tires can provide drivers with enhanced braking performance in icy and snowy road conditions.
  • Modern winter tires can provide up to 50% more traction than all-season tires because the specially formulated tread rubber stays flexible at low temperatures.
  • Winter tires have specific tread designs made or ice, snow and other severe winter conditions, plus the tread pattern on winter tires reduces snow build-up.
  • Winter tires perform well in all types of winter conditions including snow, slush, ice, sleet, wet and even cold dry roads; whereas all-season tires help provide traction in wet and snowy conditions.

My family vehicle used to be equipped with all-season tires year round until one bad winter when the all-season tires didn’t perform like ever before. That winter driving scare left me feeling uneasy, so I decided it was time for safer tires to conquer the winter season and purchased a set of 4 winter tires. After driving several winters now with winter tires on my car, I will always spend the money to outfit my vehicles with winter tires. I still use a set of all-season tires for the remainder of the year.

winter tires

Buying Winter Tires

  • Look for tires marked with a logo of a peaked mountain with a snowflake (see logo above)
  • Always install winter tires in sets of four
  • Never mix tires with different tread patterns or size, as vehicle performance and safety can be compromised

Tire Maintenance

  • Check tread and change tires that are worn close to the tread-wear indicators; as worn down tire treads have less traction on all surfaces, especially on ice and snow.
  • Check tire air pressure at least once a month; as low air pressure affects safety and results in greater fuel consumption.

Winter Tire Insurance Rate Discounts

Did you know in Ontario that your auto insurance company will give you a discount for installing winter tires on your vehicle? Ontario is the only province requiring insurance companies to give a winter tire discount, effective January 1, 2016. But that doesn’t mean you can’t ask your insurance company for a winter tire discount if you live in another province. What is the worse they can say to you, no? If you don’t try the answer is definitely no!

Best Canadian Winter Tire Deals

With the change of the season, you can always find deals on new winter tires and all-season tires.

Here’s a list of the best Canadian winter tire deals currently available:

  • CANADIAN TIRE: Save up to 25% off selected winter tires. Unknown expiry. Canadian Tire Winter Tire Deals
  • COSTCO: Purchase 4 Bridgestone tires and you’ll receive a rebate of $70. Valid December 5, 2016 to January 1, 2017. Costco Canada Tire Deals
  • COSTCO: Purchase any set of 4 Michelin tires at Costco and you’ll receive an instant rebate of $70. Valid until November 27th, 2016. Offer extended to December 23, 2016. Costco Canada Tire Deals
  • KALTIRE: Save up to $120 off selected sets of 4 tires. Offer ends on December 10, 2016. Kaltire Fall Tire Sale
  • MICHELIN CANADA: Mail-in rebate for $70 off a set of passenger or light truck tires! valid October 7th to December 23rd, 2016. Michelin Mail-In Rebate Details

I’d love to hear from you, please leave me a comment below and tell me what type of tires you outfit your vehicle with for the winter.

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