Instant Win Contests For Canadians

If you love winning contests, you’ll love these instant win contests for Canadians where you’ll find out on the spot if you’ve won a cool prize or not! I’ve been entering Canadian instant win contests for many years and have seen and won so many varying prizes.

When you enter instant win contests you have the chance to win a wide array of fabulous prizes, including: electronics, free product coupons, appliances, gift cards, money, discounts off products and/or services, branded and unbranded merchandise, tickets to events, virtual products, subscription products and more.

Canadian instant win contests to try your luck (updated December 5/17):

Activia Win Within Instant Win Contest *PIN/NPN Free PIN upon registering (Ends December 18/17) – Enter here

Bed Bath & Beyond Holiday Sweepstakes and Instant Win (Ends December 22/17) – Enter here

Reese Game Time T’s Contest and Instant Win – Purchase/NPN (Ends December 23/17) – Enter here

Kinder Surprise – Surprise Them Back Contest (Ends December 31/17) – Enter here

Royal Canadian Mint Flip To Win + Instant Win (Ends December 31/17) – Enter here

Royale Experience Canada Your Way Contest and Instant Win *PIN (Ends December 31/17) – Enter here

Goldfish Flavour Blasted Contest – Text (ends December 31/17) – Details here

Doritos Win Every Hour Contest *PIN/NPN (Ends January 7/18) – Enter here

Starbucks For Life Contest + Instant Win *NPN (Ends January 8, 2018) – Enter here

Post Nintendo Switch Prize Pack Instant Win Contest *PIN/NPN (Ends January 31/18) – Enter here

(HOURLY) GSN Cha Chingo Bingo Sweepstakes 2X entries (Ongoing) – Enter here every hour

(HOURLY) Wannawin Hourly Instant Win Contest (Ongoing) – Enter here every hour

Contest Acronyms and Abbreviations You May Encounter Entering Contests

Contest Acronym Acronym Meaning
AOM Age of Majority
ARV Approximate Retail Value
IWG Instant Win Game
MSRP Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price
NPE No Purchase Entry
NPN No Purchase Necessary
STQ Skill Testing Question
TNI Transportation Not Included (usually for trips and event prizes)

We’d love to hear from you if you win one of these contests, let us know below what you’ve won. And, if we’ve missed any instant win contests, please leave us a message below and we’ll be sure to add it to the list. Good luck winning!

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