Invite Your Friends To Join Carrot Rewards And Earn 3X The Points

If you’re a regular at my blog and social channels, you’ve probably heard me mention Carrot Rewards before. They have a bonus deal right now that I want to share with you.

For a limited time, invite your friends to join Carrot Rewards and you’ll receive 3X the points for referring them to the app when they sign up for free. UPDATE: The 3X promotion has now ended, however, you will still earn 100 points for each friend you refer to Carrot Rewards.

For those of you who are not familiar with Carrot Rewards: It is a healthy living app where you can earn loyalty reward points for learning how to live healthier and for being active. You can earn loyalty rewards points for achieving daily walking goals and more. The current reward partners include: Aeroplan Miles, SCENE, Petro-Points, More Rewards, and Drop.

Presently only residents of BC, NL and ON are permitted to participate.

Join Now

Sign up today and you’ll get points right away!

  • Download Carrot iOS app or Android app, join the program and you’ll get 100 points
  • Please use my referral code kimk6909 during sign up and we’ll both get a bonus (you will get 50 additional points)

How to get rewarded for your steps:

Once you’ve joined and linked your rewards program, you will need to head to the ‘steps’ tab to manage your devices. This is the area where your steps are recorded and you can earn rewards for meeting your walking goals. Pair your smartphone or FitBit fitness device to get started. Carrot Rewards will gauge the average number of steps you do each day before initially setting your daily step goal.

Carrot Rewards is compatible with: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android phone or Android tablet. And it can be paired with FitBit too.

You can even earn more rewards points through Carrot Rewards by:

  • Completing point earning survey opportunities to earn varying amounts of rewards
  • Inviting your friends to join and you’ll earn a bonus of 100 reward points (and even more during promotional offers)

I absolutely love getting rewarded for the things that I do, so naturally I was excited to find Carrot Rewards. I’ve been a participating user ever since it came to my province and it has been motivating me to be more active. I hope you love Carrot Rewards as much as I do!

If you’re a Carrot Rewards user, which rewards program are you earning rewards for? If you’re not a Carrot Rewards user, what’s stopping you? 

Disclosure: This post contains a referral link. I may receive loyalty rewards points for referring new members to the app. All opinions expressed in this blog are my own.

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