It’s Friday! Time To Load Weekly Rewards Offers!

Are you a loyalty rewards card wielding shopper? Yes, I imagine you must be if you like reading my frugal themed blog (I thank you for being here)!

On Fridays there are a few loyalty reward programs which send out new personalized offers. Don’t forget to check your email (or sign into your offers account) for the new offers EVERY FRIDAY from the following loyalty reward programs:

If you shop at any of these stores, you’ll want to make sure your loyalty reward offers are loaded to your rewards card BEFORE you head out to shop, so you earn your points!

I like not having to remember to bring coupons with me. Sometimes I do forget which offers are loaded, so I tend to jot a note that there’s an offer for something on my shopping list. I like to keep it simple by using AM for Air Miles offers and PC for PC Plus offers beside the eligible item. Load to card rewards offers are great for saving on your paper and ink!

Tell me what you think. Do you prefer loading offers directly to your loyalty cards or do you prefer bringing in actual coupons?

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