It’s Time To Redeem Your SnapByGroupon Credits

If you were a member of the former app SnapSaves which became SnapByGroupon, then you need to read this!

There’s still time to redeem your SnapByGroupon credits at Groupon but you have to hurry, credits are expiring really soon! If you don’t redeem them now, you risk losing the credits you worked hard to get!

When Groupon purchased SnapSaves, it wasn’t long after that an announcement was made to modify the cash back app to offer the Groupon deals and eliminate cash back offers. This probably would have been fine with the majority of users if the new owners would have paid out the accumulated cash back earnings in the form of a cheque or via PayPal. However, Groupon decided all cash back earnings would be converted into Groupon credits. I thought Groupon announced they would be emailing members once credits were applied to accounts, but I never did receive a notification that my account was credited.

I had forgotten all about this conversion of my cash back balance to Groupon credits until I was tidying up my phone apps the other day and came across SnapByGroupon. The light bulb turned on in my head and I wondered whatever happened to my credits. Needless to say, I signed into my Groupon account and I had a credit for my entire SnapByGroupon balance.

My credits were set to expire on August 31, 2016 and I am assuming that everyone who is receiving credits will have the same expiry date. Please sign into your Groupon account today to double-check your credit balance.

You don’t want to miss redeeming these credits, otherwise you’ll essentially be losing out twice!

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