Little Life Box Subscription Box July 2017 Unboxing And #Review

I love trying new products and I love getting little surprises. Every month, I look forward to the arrival of my Little Life Box subscription box and all the fun goodies inside. I’ve discovered so many new products through Little Life Box, that I’ve lost count.

In case you’ve never heard of Little Life Box before, it’s a Canadian subscription box service which offers healthy snacks, vitamins, skin care products and more. They even offer a vegan box option.

Here’s what you need to know:

Subscription Box: Little Life Box

Cost: $23 plus applicable taxes

Shipping: $5 (this shipping cost is a bargain, Canada Post rates vary by distance, however, these packages can easily cost $10 or more to ship)

What You’ll Receive:

  • 8-12 healthy products to discover every month
  • A mix of snacks, beauty items, supplements and more
  • A mix of samples and full size items

Ships to: CANADA

Now let’s take a look and see what’s inside:

Little Life Box Subscription Box Unboxing

The Little Life Box July 2017 Unboxing

Every Little Life Box comes with a postcard inside that can be used to reach out to someone the old fashioned way; or bring them on your next trip to send to friends, family or yourself as a memento. This month’s post card reads “You can’t please everyone, you’re not an avocado”.

Little Life Box Inside The Box

Inside the box

I opened my July 2017 Little Life Box subscription box, to find this big mound of goodies inside. The box is almost full to the brim this month. Yay! I cant wait to dig in and discover all the products inside.

Little Life Box Beanfields Nacho Chips

Beanfield’s Nacho Bean and Rice Chips 75g

Yum! I absolutely love snack foods to help me through my day. At Beanfield’s, every chip is made from a blend of beans and brown rice. You’ll love that these chips are high in fiber (just one serving gives you 24% of your daily requirement), high in protein (there’s 5g of complete protein per ounce) and it has ZERO grams of sugar. If you have a gluten intolerance, never fear, Beanfield’s Nacho Bean and Rice Chips are certified gluten-free. And there’s no need to worry about peanut allergies either, as Beanfield’s are made in a peanut free facility. If you’re concerned about genetically modified foods, you can rest easy that these chips are Non-GMO Project verified. And they are also vegan friendly. Beanfield’s Nacho and Bean Rice Chips make a great snack when you’re craving something crunchy. I’ll be looking for these next time I shop.

Organic Traditions Dried JuJube Fruit

Organic Traditions Dried JuJube Fruit 170g

Yesss! I’m happy there’s another great snack item. I love fruit gummies, so this is right up my alley. The Organic Traditions Dried JuJube Fruit snacks are an excellent source of Vitamin C and manganese plus a source of fibre and iron. And if you like organic foods, you will be happy to learn they are certified organic. The package recommends using these dried jujube fruit for trail mixes, tea, yogurt, snacking, oatmeal, cold cereal, muffins, salads, pancakes, smoothies, homemade jams, desserts, baking and more. It’s important to note that Jujube fruits contain pits, so you will want to remove them prior to adding to your recipes. Check your local Natural Foods store for availability.

Ethical Bean Coffee

Ethical Bean Coffee Classic Medium Roast 60g

I love a great cup of medium roast coffee to start my day! Ethical Bean Coffee Classic medium roast is made with 100% Arabica coffee and touts having elegant acidity highlighting a nuanced, medium bodied cup. This coffee is 100% Fairtrade Certified and it’s Certified Organic. A great cup of coffee to me is one that doesn’t have a bitter aftertaste; the Ethical Bean Coffee Classic medium roast gets my stamp of approval!

4VRYNG Mindfullness Relaxation Liquid Supplement Peach

4VRYNG Mindfullness Relaxation Liquid Supplement Peach – 2 ampoules

4VRYNG Mindfullness Relaxation Liquid Supplement was developed to promote relaxation and manage stress. Use it as a great tasting beverage (comes in peach flavour) to compliment your “zen-like” activities including spa visits, yoga and meditation. Approved by Health Canada. The cost is $34.95 for 15 ampoules, which works out to $2.33 each. I haven’t tried this sample yet and will leave my thoughts on this one soon.

Spry Mints

Spry Lemon Burst Mints

This is nothing better than fresh kissable breath! I always have a package of mint and gum in my purse for those moments where I can’t brush my teeth but I will be in close proximity with other people and want great smelling breath. I love the Spry packaging because it keep the mints from getting contaminated at the bottom of my purse like competing brands that comes wrapped in paper. Spry Lemon Burst Mints are sugar free! They are sweetened with 100% xylitol, so they are more tooth friendly than other mints. And each piece only contains 1 calorie. The flavour is like fresh lemons, however, I do notice a slight chalkiness to the texture of the outer layer of these mints as I suck on them. It’s not unpleasant though, The center of the mint gives you a fresh burst of flavour! I guess that’s how they got their name!

Burt's Bees Eye Cream

Burt’s Bees Radiance Eye Cream with Royal Jelly 14g

I love, love, love Burt’s Bees products and I’m so excited to get to try this Burt’s Bees Radiance Eye Cream with Royal Jelly for the first time. This eye cream was formulated to enhance your skin’s natural radiance and make skin look younger. Yes please! As an aging woman in my mid-40’s, I’ve noticed my skin is looking more dull and tired; plus those pesky fine lines are popping up all around my eyes. Burt’s Bees Radiance Eye Cream with Royal Jelly offers gentle hydration to the skin around your eyes. I noticed an improvement with the brightness of the skin around my eyes where I applied it. And it gave me the appearance of firmer, tighter skin where my under eye bags are. There is a light scent but it’s very pleasant and not overly perfumy.

Oneka Goldenseal + Citrus Shampoo and Conditioner

Oneka Goldenseal + Citrus Shampoo and Conditioner 36mL

I love that Little Life Box is sourcing Canadian products; Oneka is a Quebec based company. Oneka Goldenseal + Citrus Shampoo and Conditioner are all natural hair care products which are excellent for hair health. They will leave your hair shiny and lightly infused with its scent. Oneka shampoo and conditioner products are paraben and sulfate free, PH balanced, uses organic wild plants, vegan, gluten-free and they are made with a biodegradable formula. The bottles received in the July box are sample sizes, however, a little goes a long way. You should be able to get a couple of uses at least.

Vegan Protein

Pro Circuit Organik Vegan +Green Protein 30g

I love trying out protein powders in my smoothies. Ive never tried this brand before and look forward to it. Pro Circuit Organik is a Canadian company based in Quebec. A single package of Pro Circuit Organik Vegan + Green Protein delivers 20g or protein, 6.5 portions of fruit, 4.3 portions of legumes and it also contains digestive enzymes. The instructions suggest mixing well with water or your favourite beverage.

Laritzy Lip Stain

Laritzy Cosmetics Undressed Liquid Lip Stain 3.1g

I’ve tried Laritzy Cosmetics lip stains before through other subscription box services; and I’m happy to receive a new colour to add to my collection. Laritzy Cosmetics Undressed Liquid Lip Stains are paraben free and cruelty free. I received the colour Bailey with a natural tone, which is perfect for my colour preference. It applies like a lip gloss and is very hydrating on your lips. This one item retails for $20 US and almost covers the box price itself.

Shelby Naturals Face Cream

Shelby Naturals Face Cream Day + Night

The Shelby Naturals Face Cream Day + Night is a sample size face cream which is used to protect, hydrate and firm the skin. Use it on your face and neck to enjoy the anti-aging benefits. This face cream is loaded with antioxidant and collagen-boosting abilities. I absolutely love the citrus scent, it’s fresh and uplifting. Made with natural and organic ingredients. Best of all, it’s formulated for all skin types. You can even save 15% off your first purchase when you use the coupon code first15 and shop Shelby Naturals.

Kefir Starter 

Yogourmet Kefir Starter 2 x 5g

I’m excited to receive this sample in the July 2017 Little Life Box as I’ve never tried Kefir products before, but have been interested in giving it a whirl. There are 2 sample packets of Yogourmet freeze-dried Kefir Starter included in the box. They are 100% natural and contain only 2 ingredients: active bacterial culture (including lactic yeasts) and skim milk powder. It’s very simple to make using your stovetop, a clean air tight bottle, your countertop and fridge. The entire process to make Kefir is approximately 33-34 hours. I like that the package suggests adding flavours to the final product to taste (just in case!)

Little Life Box Subscription Box

Little Life Box Subscription Box

I love the number of I get inside my Little Life Box subscription and the wide variety of products that I get to sample. Little Life Box hasn’t let me down, it’s one of my favourite subscription box services.

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Have you ever tried Little Life Box before? Which products excite you most?

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One thought on “Little Life Box Subscription Box July 2017 Unboxing And #Review

  • November 12, 2017 at 12:18 pm

    These are great subscription boxes, I won 3 months back 2 years ago and I was very pleased and surprised at all the goodies that come in the box, this is one I would spend the money on!


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