Love Freebies? Grab A Free Sample Or Two! (While The Last)

Freebies and Free Sample Offers

Do you love trying products for the first time? Freebies and samples are a great way to #trybeforeyoubuy  to see if you like the products before buying them with your hard earned dollars.

If you live in Canada, check out the various free samples and free trial offers available (updated December 24, 2017):

2018 Calendars – See the offers

Advil Nighttime Trial Sample – Go to offer

Baby Freebies – See the offers

Breathe Right Nasal Strips – Go to offer

Charmin Toilet Roll Extender – Go to offer

Crown Royal Personalized Custom Labels – Go to offer

Depend Sample Pack for Incontinence for Men or Women – Go to offer

Historical Flags of Canada Poster – Go to offer

IKEA Furniture Anchoring Kit (limit of 5) – Go to offer

LEGO Life Magazine Subscription for kids (CAN/US) – Go to offer

Nixwax Free Samples with perfect scoring web quiz (Once every 2 months, or immediate with referrals) – Go to offer

Poise Pads and Poise Liners Free Sample Kits – Go to offer

Poligrip Denture Adhesive Free Sample – Go to offer

Provincial Maps – See the offers

Robax Platinum Free Sample – Go to offer

Tena and Tena For Men Bladder Protection Free Samples – Go to offer

Truvia Calorie Free Sweetener Sample – Go to offer

TV Taping Tickets – See the offers

Woodford Reserve Whiskey Personalized Labels – Go to offer

Most freebie offers are limited to one per household, and available while supplies last.

My best friends mom keeps a basket of free sample packets in her guest bathroom for her house guests to use; which is a fabulous idea! I only order samples that I will use and I try the samples as they arrive to see if I like them.

I’d love to hear what samples you’re loving and ordering and what you do with them. Please leave me a comment below with your favourite samples and whether you try them yourself, pass them onto a friend or do you keep them for guests.

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