Magazines Offering Contests To Canadians Online

Okay, so I’ve professed that I LOVE everything about contests; finding them, entering them and winning them! However, where the heck do I find all of the great contests that I enter?

I’m going to share my contest resources with you, so you too can have the chance to win some fabulous prizes!

To start, I’ve rounded up the magazines that offer contests to Canadian which can be entered online.

Magazines Offering Contests To Canadians Online


  • Make sure you read the rules
  • Several of these magazines are American, however, some of the contests are open to Canadians
  • IMPORTANT!! Make sure you check off the no purchase method of entry (where applicable), so you don’t get a magazine subscription that you may not want
  • Many magazines offer regular contests monthly and quarterly, bookmark and check back frequently

Keep an eye on my blog for more contest resources that I’ll be sharing in the near future.

Happy contest hunting and good luck! I hope you WIN the BIG one soon!

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