Mail Call! What’s In This Week’s Mail September 16th 2016

It’s time for the weekly mail call, for the week ending September 16th, 2016! I didn’t receive a lot of freebies in the mail this week but it was fun opening the other packages that arrived!

Here’s a look at the freebies and goodies I received:

mail call canada freebies

  • Club Ensure welcome package with a $2 rebate cheque
  • Ricardo magazine from a giveaway I won on FB earlier this year
  • An package (not pictured) valued at $70 with some winter essentials that my household uses which was paid for with Swagbucks rewards (not familiar with Swagbucks, check it out here)

As you may already know about me, I love entering contests and occasionally I’m lucky enough to win. This week a couple of great contest prizes that I won also arrived:

mail call canada freebies contest wins

  • Disney Princess Merida Doll, Disney Princess Merida Little Kingdom and Disney Princess Merida’s Magical Story Skirt
  • Netflix Gift Card for 3 months service

I really enjoy testing, reviewing and sharing my opinion about products too; I’ve been doing it for many years.

Chick Advisor has been very good to me with product test offers. This week I received a wonderful Catelli product test package. It includes 2 boxes of pasta, 2 recipe cards, a hot mat and 2 serving spoons. I’m looking forward to making the recipes included in my product test package. #TryCatelli #GotItFree

mail call canada freebies product test

I would also love to hear from you! What fun stuff did you get in this week’s mail?

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