Mail Out Gluten-Free Coupons For Canadians

I’ve heard time and time again that living with gluten intolerance can be expensive on the pocketbook. I’ve also heard people say that there’s no coupons and savings on gluten-free products either.

Well good news, there are ways to save on gluten-free products! Here’s how you can save:

  • Sign up for mail out coupon for gluten-free products from Gluten-Free Coupons. They periodically mail out coupons or gluten-free products and occasionally product tests too. Some of the brands you’ll receive coupons for include: Butterball, Robin Hood, Catelli Gluten Free, Dare Breton Gluten Free, Dempster’s Gluten Free, Flamingo, Enjoy Life Foods, SunRype, Piller’s, Summer Fresh, Pop Chips and more!
  • Take a look at the gluten-free brands that you are currently using and contact the companies directly to ask if they offer any coupons to help you save on their products.

Here are a few gluten-free brands which have mailed out coupons (or offered printable coupons) in the past:

When I want to receive periodic updates about promotions and special offers for specific brands, I simply sign up for their email newsletter. Generally newsletter subscribers hear about a lot of the promos first! This is also true for following on social media, as some companies share promotions with their fans and followers first.

Check out the Canadian Celiac Association for valuable resources to help you manage.

Please leave me a comment below if there are any other gluten-free coupons and offers available that are not on my list.

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