Make Money! The Costco Receipt Jobs Have Returned To Field Agent App

Does your smartphone make you money? I don’t mean to brag, but mine does! Let me tell you how. I use a mobile app which pays shoppers to complete retail store audits, mystery shops, mobile research, receipt submissions, and even at-home products tests. It’s called Field Agent.

If you’re already a member of Field Agent, that’s wonderful! You’ll want to check your app now for the latest Costco Receipt Submission Jobs. I’ll tell you more below.

If you haven’t joined Field Agent yet, you are missing out on opportunities to earn real cash in exchange for just minutes of your time to complete quick, simple tasks related to retail shopping. Take a moment and join Field Agent now, we’ll still be here to explain how you can get cash back for submitting your Costco receipts.

Starting November 2nd, 2017 the Costco receipt submissions have returned to the Field Agent app. You can make some extra money submitting your receipts each week.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Shop at Costco Canada and save your receipt (or get receipts from friends/family, etc)
  2. Open the Field Agent app, got to Find Jobs and looks for COSTCO RECEIPT JOBS (it’s the 1st one on my list)
  3. Tap the offer and accept the job
  4. Photograph receipt, answer any questions and submit
  5. Earn $0.50 cash back
  6. Refresh the app to get the offer again and repeat as many times as possible during the week


  • Valid November 10-16, 2017
  • Collect as many Costco Canada receipts as you can dated between November 2-9, they don’t even have to be yours
  • Submit photograph of one receipt per Field Agent submission
  • Complete ANYWHERE, you do not need to be at Costco
  • Valid for Costco MAIN store receipts only
  • Excludes receipts from gas bar, canteen, optical, liquor, photo, tire centre and pharmacy

I’ve been a Field Agent since 2013 and have earned hundreds of dollars in cash back. It’s one of my favourite money making apps, and definitely a rewarding one. Earlier this year I was selected to complete a home test and they sent me an electric tea kettle that was valued over $100. If you have any questions about Field Agent, do not hesitate to ask me; just leave a comment below.

Happy earning money!

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