Monday’s Money Savings Tip of The Week ~ 20 Uses For Cardboard Tubes

All too often we as people run out and buy new products to complete projects, when we can often find other items to suffice and substitute already in our homes.

Monday’s Money Savings Tip of the Week is to reuse your toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls and other cardboard rolls for other household and craft purposes.

Here are 20 ideas to get you started:

  1. Extension cord holder organizer ~ ravel your cords and store inside tubes, decorate them to match your decor if you choose
  2. Seedling starter ~ cut toilet rolls in half, place into a container, fill with soil and seeds of choice, when transplanting into the ground, make sure you cover the entire roll so it can break down in the earth
  3. Faux wrought iron art work ~ amazing handcrafted art work from toilet paper rolls
  4. English Christmas crackers ~ place trinkets and toys inside cover with decorative paper and tie the ends
  5. Bird feeder ~ cover in peanut butter and then seeds, loop a string through the tube and hang up in a tree
  6. Make a shaker instrument ~ cover one ends with paper, fill with beans, rice or pasta and then cover the other end with paper to make music
  7. Vacuum wand extender ~ slip onto the end of your vacuum hose to get into hard to reach areas like your ceiling
  8. DIY napkin rings ~ cut into napkin ring size and decorate
  9. Kids bracelet ~ cut kids size bracelet rings and decorate
  10. Do it yourself paper roll gift box calendar or advent calendar ~ very cool recycled look and handcrafted gift calendar presentation idea – (photo credit -> Learn how to make one here )
  11. Do it yourself gift boxes ~ decorate the outside of the tube, insert the gift into the tube and fold down the ends, secure with tape
  12. Shopping bag holder ~ stuff plastic shopping bags inside and keep one in your purse and car for times of need
  13. Make kindling ~ cut into strips to use as fire starter
  14. Make flying pest strips ~ cover with transparent double sided sticky tape and hang where flying insects are bothersome
  15. Protect important papers from getting creased ~ keep rolled up artwork, important documents, posters  or other papers crease free
  16. Store rolled up fabric ~ roll up fabric craps and place inside the tube to store
  17. Use to keep wrapping paper rolled up ~ cut a slit into a toilet paper roll and slip over a wrapping paper roll
  18. Store small light bulbs ~ store LED bulbs and extra Christmas bulbs inside tubes for safe keeping
  19. Store knitting and crochet needles – tape paper over one end or cover with fabric and slip your needles inside the tube for storage
  20. Make a knife sheath for outdoor excursions ~ Flatten a cardboard paper towel tube, cover one end in duct tape, slip your camping or fishing knife inside for safety

There are so many ways to reuse cardboard tubes and I would love to hear how you are recycling them (other than your grey bin). Please leave me a comment below.

One thought on “Monday’s Money Savings Tip of The Week ~ 20 Uses For Cardboard Tubes

  • June 15, 2017 at 9:45 pm

    I can’t believe all the great ideas you’ve got but the ones I like the most is, use to keep wrapping paper rolled up and extension cord holder organizer because I like things to be organized, so I’ll be stealing your ideas. Thanks !


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