Forget the Xmas Paper, Use Creative + Frugal Gift Wrapping Ideas

Personally I view wrapping paper as a big money waster! We spend the time to wrap presents nicely, just to have the paper torn off in milliseconds and tossed in the trash. Even if you carefully take the paper off and reuse it the following year, it’s an expense that we can reduce through frugal and practical alternatives.

The Money Savings Tip of the Week is to think outside of the box (no pun intended) when it comes to wrapping gifts and presents. Use your creativity to come up with unique wrapping ideas that cost less, or that become part of the actual gift (so it’s two gifts in one, and no waste).

Here are 35 gift wrapping paper alternatives (updated list):

  1. Use the funny pages, comics or crossword pages from your newspaper
  2. Fold out maps are great for travellers
  3. Tear out pages from a damaged book (so you aren’t destroying a new one)
  4. Use pages from a magazine
  5. Kraft paper or brown paper shopping bags (think Christmas shaped packages that you sew together)
  6. Wallpaper samples
  7. Tissue paper
  8. Pillow cases
  9. Tea towels
  10. Fabric shoe bags
  11. Metal tins
  12. Small room size garbage cans
  13. Reusable shopping bags
  14. Toilet paper rolls wrapped in any type of paper or patterned tape for small gifts
  15. Kids art work
  16. Silk scarves
  17. Catalogue Pages like the Sears Wish Book (if you still have one) or Toys R Us Toy catalogue
  18. Pages from an old wall calendar
  19. Old sheet music
  20. Old posters
  21. Baby blankets
  22. Crossword or word search pages
  23. Pages from colouring and activity books
  24. Old pages from the phone book
  25. Use mason jars
  26. Bandana’s or hankie’s work well too
  27. Table cloths or cloth napkins
  28. Doilies
  29. Face Cloths
  30. Old board game boxes (if you don’t have any, they can often be found in thrift shops)
  31. T-shirts also work great; tied with a ribbon or maybe even a neck tie
  32. Warm cozy socks are great for gifting foot creams, foot files or other small gifts
  33. Gloves are ideal for hand cream ties with a festive ribbon
  34. Mugs are commonly used for foodie gifts
  35. AND….for the couponer….an old coupon insert is a fun way to wrap gifts!

TIP! Use old Christmas cards to create gift tags or you could use left over paint chips and cut them into Christmas shapes. Green paint chips are great for making the Xmas tree shape.

What other creative ways do you use to wrap gifts and presents? Please leave me a comment below.

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