Pampers Rewards Launches New Loyalty Rewards App For Canadians #PampersApp #momhack #Ad

There’s some exciting baby news on the horizon at Pampers. Have you heard that Pampers has a newborn? A newborn loyalty rewards App for Canadians that is….redesigned for their popular Pampers Rewards Program. Get the new Pampers App here.

Turning diapers into rewards is easier than ever before with this new #momhack from Pampers!

Pampers Rewards App

Anyone who follows my blog knows that I’m passionate about saving money, being rewarded for my loyalty and getting more bang for my buck. Naturally I was ecstatic to hear that Pampers launched an exciting new App and the opportunity to share the great news with you.

The Pampers Rewards program has been around for approximately 10 years and this year they have re-launched with an exciting new #PampersApp ~ Pampers Rewards App available for Android and iPhone. It’s free to join and you’ll even get 100 bonus points to get you started. Plus a bonus of 50 points the first time you scan a code. Download the new Pampers Rewards App and it’ll make your life easier!

Pampers Rewards Sign Up Bonus

What are Pampers Rewards?

Pampers Rewards is a loyalty rewards program which offers its members opportunities to earn rewards points to exchange for child oriented gifts, diapers coupons, and digital rewards too! Plus there’s a plethora of child rearing information at Pampers to help you through your pregnancy and with raising your babies and toddlers too.

How do you use the Pampers Rewards App?

  1. Download the new Pampers Rewards App from the Play Store or the App Store (the new App will completely replace the old App)
  2. Open the app and join Pampers Rewards or sign into your existing account
  3. Scan codes directly in the App by placing the frame over a valid rewards code, plus you can manually add codes too
  4. Redeem your points towards great gifts, rewards and discounts for your family
  5. Sit back and enjoy your glorious rewards

The new Pampers Rewards App makes collecting your loyalty rewards even faster and more efficient than ever before! This Pampers #parenthack will make your life easier because there’s no more cutting off the codes. Now you’ll be able to scan rewards codes within the Pampers Rewards App in seconds.

Pampers Rewards App Easy To Get Rewarded

Who can participate in the Pampers Rewards program?

The Pampers Rewards program is open to everyone over 18 years of age. You are not required to be a parent to join Pampers Rewards, to collect points and to redeem for gifts and prizes. Ideally it’s for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and anyone else who purchases Pampers products.

How do you earn points?

Look for the on-pack codes from the Pampers diapers and Pampers wipes you buy from any Canadian retailer (Go ahead and try redeeming your codes in the new Pampers Rewards App, it’s so simple!) Some wipes products will require you to manually enter the code found on the bottom.

Plus keep an eye out for special codes being offered on the Pampers social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter

Pampers Rewards Finding Codes On Packs


How do you scan rewards codes?

Simply click on the scan button, which is the orange dotted square at the bottom of your app screen to access the scan screen. Then hover your phone over the rewards code to scan it inside the Pampers Rewards App. Just tap the scan button to submit your code. Make sure that the entire code is within the frame for the App to successfully scan it.

You can also select the ‘enter code manually’ link in the bottom left corner of the scan code tab to type in your rewards code.

Pampers Rewards Scan Codes

What types of rewards can you get with your points?

With the re-launch of the Pampers Rewards program, they are also revamping the rewards catalogue too. Most of the rewards are child focused and include toys, diapers, photos, plus there’s also gifts for parents and sometimes gift cards too.

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but loyalty programs can help us stretch our dollars further so we don’t feel the pinch. It doesn’t cost you anything to join, so if you buy Pampers products you’ll want to join the Pampers Rewards program and download the new Pampers Rewards App to get rewarded.

I love earning rewards and I’m pretty sure that most of you do too. The Pampers Rewards program and Pampers Rewards App is no exception!

Connect with the Pampers brand online and show them some love:

On Facebook: @PampersCanada
On Instagram: @PampersUS
On Twitter: @Pampers

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Thank you Pampers for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions expressed are my own.

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