SampleSource Fall 2016 Sneak Peek #3

SampleSource has posted the third sneak peek for the fall 2016 sampler program. Every Sunday they offer a snippet of the free samples to come!

Here’s a look at two more products available in this upcoming fall free sample offer:

  • Looking to find balance? These herbal teas were crafted with Ayurvedic experts! You’ll get to pick 1 of 3 flavours, while supplies last!
  • Freshen your mouth! This toothpaste has powerful whitening cleansers AND an invigorating surge of spearmint for long lasting freshness!
  • Take a look at SampleSource Sneak Peek #1
  • Take a look at SampleSource Sneak Peek #2

Reminder! Make sure that you’re signed up for SampleSource in advance to get the email when the samples are live. Plus you won’t have to create your profile while others are snapping up the free samples.

Tip! If you already have a SampleSource account, take a moment and sign in today to ensure that you have the correct password. You don’t want to be wasting valuable time while the offer is live trying to reset your password.

Sign up or login to SampleSource here

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