Pure Hazelwood Is Celebrating 20 Years With Over $3000 In Prizes! New Prizes Daily!

I have some great news for all you contest lovers! Pure Hazelwood is celebrating 20 years with an epic giveaway for their fans.

Save the date! The huge giveaway and celebration starts on September 20, 2017.

Here are the details I know so far:

  • Every day, there will be a new giveaway from one of Pure Hazelwood’s partners
  • Each prize will have a value of $50 or more
  • Pure Hazelwood will add a $20 gift certificate to each prize pack
  • The giveaway will run for more than 3 weeks

The prizes will be a little bit of everything, such as: gourmet, baby, skincare, babies, children, men and women! UPDATE!! Check out this awesome list of giveaway sponsors released on 9/15:

LaVigne Natural Skincare, Kalifourchon, Mohair aux 4 vents, Ola Bamboo, Oneka, Stick 2 Me, Bracelet Medex, Création Rosinette, Souris Verte, Anointment, Get A Mould!, Coton Vanille, Simkha, Atelier Saint-Cerf, Gom-Mee, Ikonizaboy, Bracel’Essence, and WeeUrban

UPDATE 9/20 –> It’s the start of the giveaways….

Each giveaway prize also includes a $20 e-gift certificate for Pure Hazelwood.

  • Giveaway #1 – Win 2 LAVIGNE NATURAL SKIN CARE products (Ends Sept 21)
  • Giveaway #2 – Win an evolutive balloon skirt & headband kit by KALIFOURCHON, a value of $60 (Ends Sept 22)
  • Giveaway #3 – Win an inox colour silk & mohair stole by MOHAIR AUX 4 VENTS, a value of $100 (Ends Sept 23)
  • Giveaway #4 – Win a LA Bamboo Family Pack Annual Subscription Plan, a value of $65 (Ends Sept 24)
  • Giveaway #5 – Win a set of hair and body products by Oneka, value of $50 (Ends Sept 25)
  • Giveaway #6 – Win a Stick 2 Me $50 gift certificate (Ends Sept 26)
  • Giveaway #7 – Win a personalized, anti-allergenic, stainless steel medical bracelet by BRACELET MEDEX, a value of $50 (Ends Sept 27)
  • Giveaway #8 – Win a bundle of eco-friendly products by CRÉATION ROSINETTE, a value of $65 (Ends Sept 28)
  • Giveaway #9 – Win a bundle of bath products by SOURIS VERTE, a value of $50 (Ends Sept 29)
  • Giveaway #10 – Win a wet shave kit from Anointment Natural Skin Care, value of $60 (Ends Sept 30)
  • Giveaway #11 – Win a “Sepia” 3D moulding kit for baby’s hands & feet by LAISSEZ-VOUS MOULER, a value of $50 (Ends Oct 1)
  • Giveaway #12 – Win a set of maxaloones + t-shirt + accessory of choice by COTON VANILLE, a value of $75 (Ends Oct 2)
  • Giveaway #13 – Win a “Élixir de Déborah” facial serum by SIMKHA, a value of $50 (Ends Oct 3)
  • Giveaway #14 – Win a “Little Chef” bundle by ATELIER SAINT-CERF, a value of $55 (Ends Oct 4)
  • Giveaway #15 – Win two skin care kits by GOM-MEE, a value of $65 (Ends Oct 5)
  • Giveaway #16 – Win a “Majesty V” bow tie & matching cufflinks by IKONIZABOY, a value of $90 (Ends Oct 6)
  • Giveaway #17 – Win an “Abundance” oil & bracelet set by BRACEL’ESSENCE, a value of $50 (Ends Oct 7)
  • Giveaway #18 – Win a 0-6 polar bear Wee Dreams Sleep sac by WEE URBAN, a value of $50 (Ends Oct 8)
  • Giveaway #19 – Win two Munch Mitt and Buddy Bib combos by MALARKEY KIDS, a value of $60 (Ends Oct 9)
  • Giveaway #20 GRANDPRIZE – Win a bundle of prizes by the following partners, a total value of more than $1000 (Ends October 29, 2017)

The grand prize package includes the following:


  • Open to residents of Canada and USA
  • Must be age 18 or older
  • Limit of 1 entry per giveaway

The contest runs from September 20 to October 7, 2017 (10/8 update: apparently the giveaway has been extended to offer more prizes), new end date unknown. There’s a new 1 day giveaway each day.

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Good luck!

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