Say Goodbye To The WebSaver VIP Coupon Club And Hello To ZebraCoupons By Mail

Where have the mail out coupons gone? WebSaver has offered a VIP Coupon Club with mail out coupons since April 2015, but times are changing folks!

It has been a while since the last club mail out and I was wondering when the next mailing was going out. I visited WebSaver to see if an update had been posted but discovered that it’s time to say goodbye to the WebSaver VIP Coupon Club and hello to the newest mail out coupon program ZebraCoupons. It’s here and it’s powered by!

How does ZebraCoupons work?

Don’t have access to a printer? Have no way to get the printable coupons that are offered? ZebraCoupons has a simple solution for you! ZebraCoupons will do the work for you by printing and mailing the coupons right to your home.

You can request a maximum of 48 coupons of your choice from well-known, leading brands.

Is it free to get coupons through ZebraCoupons?

While the coupons are free, there is a fee to process the coupons and ship them to your home. The cost to ship is $2. I’m certainly not surprised by this change with the rising postage costs. Companies are feeling the pinch and this is proof in the pudding.

When does ZebraCoupons launch?

The launch date for ZebraCoupons hasn’t been released yet! The site shows coming soon, however, stay tuned as I will post an update once available. It’s official….the ZebraCoupons had their official launch day on February 23, 2017.

I can see this new program having value to those who have no printer, providing the selection of coupons improve since the VIP Coupon Club.

Visit ZebraCoupons

What do you think of this new mail to home coupon program? Would you utilize it if you didn’t have a printer? 

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