Take Surveys And Get Rewarded With Websaver.ca Rewards!

This year Websaver.ca created a new way to get rewards! Take surveys and get rewarded with points from Websaver.ca Rewards.

Websaver.ca Rewards offers new surveys daily (through PeanutLabs) to help you collect more points, faster! Points offered vary by survey. AND, some surveys will even pay you if you are disqualified!

websaver rewards disqualified survey points

Your accumulated points can then be redeemed into REAL rewards, like coupons and cash!

The available rewards include:

  • Redeem 2000 points to get a free ZebraCoupons order with up to 40 coupons
  • Redeem 5000 points to get $5 in PayPal
  • Redeem 10,000 points to get $10 in PayPal

To get started, simply complete your profile and you’ll ready to start earning loyalty rewards. PLUS, you’ll receive a ZebraCoupons promo within a few days…just for registering and completing your profile questions.

Complete details on the Websaver.ca Rewards Program

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