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I love trying out new subscription box services that I haven’t tried before! It gives me the opportunity to sample a wide variety of products that I may not have discovered otherwise.

The Taste Box is a monthly subscription service offering gourmet ingredients to help you create awesome home cooked meals which have been taken to the next level. I really love that The Taste Box has a theme which ties everything inside together. This month’s Taste Box has the theme Black Box (which sounds like it belongs in the cockpit of an airplane), but you’ll see why it’s named so as I unveil the contents of the Black Box.

The Taste Box generously offered a free box (shipping not included) for a very limited time, just 2 days. I  was excited to get the chance to try this subscription box for next to nothing. I jumped on board so I could experience The Taste Box for the very first time. It cost me only $6.95 in shipping and subscriptions start at $29.95. So this was a fabulous deal to find!

You can order a FREE Trial for yourself, while the offer lasts! You’ll just have to cover the shipping and handling costs.

My Taste Box arrived with lightning speed. I couldn’t believe how efficient the shipping department was getting my package out (it arrived in just 4 days)!

Here’s what you need to know:

Subscription: The Taste Box

Cost: Starting at $29.95

Shipping: FREE

What You’ll Receive:

  • 3-5 gourmet ingredients delivered monthly
  • Curations based on a monthly theme
  • Carefully selected ingredients that will elevate your cooking
  • Recipe ideas and suggestions
  • Tips & Tricks for getting the most out of your ingredients

Ships to: CANADA and USA

Now let’s take a look and see what’s inside.

The Black Box by Taste Box unboxing

Black Box food inspiration

Every cook has to have some inspiration; from picking fresh ingredients, to creating a delectable dish. The Taste Box found their inspiration at restaurants from Toyko to Toronto where black food ingredients are making their way onto menus and onto the plates of their patrons.

contents of the Black Box

The handy insert card tells you about the products inside The Taste Box and tips on how to use the ingredients. Plus they offer links to recipes to make the most out of the products inside your subscription box. Or you can get creative and use these products in your own recipes.

Inside the Black Bpx

Inside the Taste Box

The Black Box Taste Box came with 5 black products to taste and sample. As I pulled each item from the box, I spontaneously thought about how I could use each of the ingredients to make something my household would love.

Black Trumpet Mushrooms The Taste Box Black Box

Forbe’s Wild Foods Black Trumpet Mushrooms 14g

Black trumpet mushrooms are a truly unique ingredient which you can forage for in the Canadian wild. However, this prize ingredient is rare and hard to find. It’s really quite a treat to receive these black trumpet mushrooms in my Taste Box. I’m most excited for this item from this month’s box. Black trumpet mushrooms would be ideal for cream of mushroom soup, which happens to be a household fave! Try adding to pasta dishes, risotto and meat sauces too.

The Taste Box Black Box Black Rice

Epicureal Black Knight Rice 300g

I’ve always loved a tasty rice dish with my meals; there’s something comforting about rice. I’ve been more adventurous in recent years, seeking out different varieties that are actually real rice. I’ve never tried black rice before (unless the black grains in wild rice count). Knight rice has an interesting story, and I love a good story. Knight rice is nutritionally rich, but this rice was once a forbidden indulgence. At one time in history, Knight rice was reserved exclusively for the Emperor of China. Now it’s available to everyone. Knight rice is versatile and can be enjoyed in both sweet and savoury dishes. Try pairing it with roasted meats, make sweet rice puddings and incorporate it into a root vegetables dish.

The Taste Box Black Box Black Sesame Seeds

Red Club Products Sesame Seed Black 100g

I have to admit that I never buy sesame seeds. I love them on bagels and on European breads but I can’t say that I recall the last time I added sesame seeds to any recipe which I’ve made at home. I love trying new things, so this is perfect for me to elevate the recipes I already use and also to experiment with new recipes. Sesame seeds add a nutty taste and slight crunch to dishes. Plus they are rich in beneficial minerals. Sesame seeds are great for salmon dishes, kale chips, pretzels, breads and salads.

The Taste Box Black Box Black Garlic and Black Sea Salt

Yoshi Black Garlic Peeled Solo Bulb and Black Diamond 24K Sea Salt 60g

I love garlic and grow my own in my backyard garden, however, in all my years of gardening and preparing foods, I’ve never heard of black garlic before. Lucky for me I’ll get to try black garlic thanks to the Black Box. Black garlic has both a sweet and sour taste of tamarind or balsamic with a subtle garlic flavour. Black garlic is perfect to add to stews, chicken dishes or make a unique aoili dip.

Sea salt has become more popular in both sweet and savoury dishes in the recent years. I generally use sea salt for salted caramel brownies. Black sea salt is a combination of sea salt flakes mixed activated charcoal to produce a distinct, rich colour and an earthy taste. Use black sea salt to replace your regular table salt, add it to grilled salmon, chicken or pork, garnish devilled eggs, or use it on sweet treats like brownies, caramels or chocolate bark.

The Taste Box

The Taste Box Black Box

After opening the Black Box and discovering all these black foods, I got thinking about what other foods I consume which are black. And I determined that I don’t eat many black foods items, very often, if at all (unless I turn the element too high in my toaster or the hubby over chars our food on the grill). These gourmet ingredients are appealing to the home cook in me. I’m looking forward to using everything in this month’s box to create some great new recipes.

I’m really happy with the contents of the Black Box and will definitely order the Taste Box again.

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Tell me in the comments below, have you ever subscribed to a food box before? Does the Black Box appeal to you?

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