What I Love About Gardening

Mornings in the gardens….the smell of dew drops, listening to the birds chirp and sing, the breeze gently rustles the plants and the wind chimes softly sing in the background.

What I Love About Gardening

  • Gardening offers good physical exercise
  • Tranquility: the garden is peaceful and stress relieving
  • I get to eat the freshest produce possible and feed my family healthy foods
  • I love being outdoors taking it all in
  • The chance to grow new foods and functional plants for the first time
    • New Food Challenge: Try growing squash and eating squash blossoms (we were pleasantly surprised!) Check out these 5 ways to eat squash blossoms.
    • New Functional Plant Challenge: Try growing the loofah (luffa) gourd and drying them into your very own natural loofa sponges

kims garden homegrown squash blossoms

  • There are plenty of new learning opportunities when gardening (soil, plant health, composting and more)
  • Watching the fruits and vegetables develop and grow from seed to full maturity
  • Eating my homegrown garden foods in the winter is rewarding and reminds me of summer days passed
  • It’s a peaceful place to relax and meditate or read a book
  • Sharing my bountiful harvest with friends, family, neighbours and the foodbank

Spending time in the garden is uplifting, offers peace and provides positive health and wellness benefits. I cherish my garden time…my me-time!

Are you an avid gardener? What do you love about gardening? Leave me a comment below, I love hearing from my readers.

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